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Published: February 24, 2023

What Is the Difference Between Radiesse and Restylane? Comparison

Fast Facts:

Info: Restylanedermal fillers for skin rejuvenation and remodeling; Radiesse – dermal filler for skin rejuvenation and natural collagen production stimulation

Safety: The products are FDA-approved; the injection is accompanied by common side effects like pain at the injection site, redness, swelling, itching.

Efficiency: Restylane is a more universal dermal filler with immediately visible long-lasting results. Radiesse cannot cope with all aesthetic problems and provides just natural rejuvenation, but the effect lasts longer.

Radiesse and Restylane are 2 dermal fillers brands for facial rejuvenation. Many patients, even due to the similarity in the brand names, may think these are the same or at least similar, but the truth is that these are completely different preparations with divergent mechanisms of action, effects, and duration of the action. Let us have a closer look at these 2 dermal fillers.

Radiesse vs. Restylane: Comparison


Radiesse is not a classic filler. Actually, it one of a kind dermal injectables based on the microspheres of calcium hydroxide. This is a bio combinable and biodegradable substance that is naturally found in the bones and cartilages of the human tissues.

When administered into the dermal tissues, Radiesse provides some immediate effect of eliminating moderate to severe facial lines, but the more profound effect is noniced approximately in 2 months when the remedy had enough time to relaunch the inner rejuvenating processes.

When the molecules of calcium hydroxide decay in the dermal tissues, they boost the production of collagen and elastin, elements responsible for elasticity and firmness.


Restylane is a more classic filler with hyaluronic acid – the most popular base for dermal anti-aging injectables for rejuvenation and facial sculpting. The brand has got a variety of fillers with various levels of density and viscosity to meet the needs of every facial area: forehead, perioral and periorbital areas, cheeks, chin, and jawline.

With the help of Restylane dermal fillers, you can solve a wide range of aesthetic problems:

  • smooth facial wrinkles and folds of various depths (nasolabial folds, crow’s feet, marionette lines, etc.)
  • restore volume loss in the temples, cheeks, chin
  • define facial features: cheeks, cheekbones, chin, jawline
  • add volume: cheek augmentation, lips augmentation

Radiesse vs. Restylane for lips

Restylane dermal filler and Radiesse can be both used for the injections into the perioral area. However, you should expect completely different effects after the treatment. So, when should you choose Radiesse, and when is it better to prefer Restylane?

If you are looking for considerable volume increase, correction of the asymmetry of the upper and lower lip, the definition of the lips contours, the cosmetologist is more likely to suggest injections with Restylane hyaluronic acid-based filler. Hyaluronic acid is a perfect substance for adding volume to the dermal tissues. With the help of Restylane, you can both achieve natural-looking results and considerable volume increase. Everything depends on your preferences.

Radiesse filler is a wonderful solution for patients who are looking for naturalness and do not want to change their appearance. Hydration from inside, internal rejuvenation, soothing vertical lines, improvement of the lips color, elimination of dryness – these are the asks Radiesse can easily cope with.Radiesse vs. Restylane for lipsRadiesse vs. Restylane under eyes

The skin in the under the eyes area is the thinnest and tender. So, the filler should be extra gentle and watery to be invisible in this fragile area.

The truth is that neither of these dermal injectables is FDA-approved to be used to treat fine lines and dark circles. However, doctors can use Radiesse and Restylane for these purposes off-label. To be honest, the hyaluronic-acid-based filler is more preferable in this case.

Radiesse vs. Restylane for cheeks

Both Radiesse and Restylane can be used for injections into the midface area. If you are looking for considerable volume increase and elimination of pronounced and deep nasolabial folds, Restylane will be more effective, providing immediate results. The same is you want to enhance your natural features and define cheekbones – it is possible just with hyaluronic acid.

Radiesse can also plum the cheeks area by restoring the naturally lost volume. The effect will be subtle and natural.

Comparing the Results

Due to different active ingredients – hyaluronic acid and calcium hydroxide, Radiesse and Restylane work in different ways, providing different effects. So, what can you expect after the treatment with Radiesse or Restylane?

Let’s begin with Radiesse. I must say that this filler is aimed just at rejuvenation, including smoothing of wrinkles and folds with further gradual relaunching of inner collagen and elastin production processes that later on will lead to the improvement of elasticity and turgor, complexion, radiance, and healthier look of the skin. The filler will also restore the naturally lost volume in the dermal tissues. So, this is a maximally natural variant of rejuvenation without any visible signs of invasion or changing or appearance.

On the contrary, using hyaluronic acid Restylane filler, you can achieve both rejuvenating and face sculpting results. It means you can smooth fine, moderate, and severe facial wrinkles, restore volume loss and enhance your natural features (cheeks, lips, cheekbones, chin, jawline). Hyaluronic acid of various densities and viscosity makes it possible to add to the dermal tissues any amount of volume as needed.

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Are You a Good Candidate?

A perfect candidate does not have contraindications to the injectable treatment with the dermal filler.


You are not a good candidate for the injections with Radiesse if you have at least one of the mentioned points:

  • in the presence of acute and/or chronic inflammation or an infectious focus at the site of the procedure
  • patients with hypersensitivity to any component of the drug
  • patients prone to inflammatory skin reactions, and patients with a tendency to hypertrophic scars
  • in the presence of foreign bodies such as liquid silicone and other permanent implants
  • patients with systemic diseases that can lead to poor healing of the injection site or damage to the tissue above the implant.


The non-organic origin of hyaluronic acid in Restylane fillers (Restylane KYSSE, Restylane, Refyne, Restylane Defyne, Restylane Lyft, and others) make it safe to use without allergic reactions and body rejection (no cases registered).

Multiple studies have proven the high profile of Restylane administration in the case there are no any of the below-mentioned medical conditions:

  • minor age
  • hypersensitivity to the Restylane’s ingredients
  • pregnancy or lactation
  • inflammation or infections at the treatment areas
  • blood clotting disorders
  • diabetes
  • cancer
  • chronic diseases
  • fever

Radiesse & Restylane: Side Effects

The procedure with dermal fillers injections, in general, is considered to be one of the safest cosmetic manipulations, but you should not treat it not seriously. Like any procedure, dermal injections have their contraindications and possible side effects, neglecting which may lead to undesired results and serious complications.

Although the compositions of Restylane and Radiesse differ, both hyaluronic acid and calcium hydroxide are bio combinable substances, which do not cause allergic reactions or body reactions, and the most common side effects are more skin irritations caused by the procedure of puncturing the skin with fine needles than administering a dermal filler. This is what you may experience after the injection of Restylane or Radiesse equally:

  • pain at the injection site
  • redness
  • swelling
  • itching
  • sensitivity
  • bruising
  • irritation

All these symptoms are temporary and should disappear within a few days. You can apply an ice pack to the treatment area to decrease the pain and redness. However, do not use it for too long to do not freeze the skin.

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The Bottom Line

In the fight against aging, as in war, all means are good. However, it is crucial you use procedures that are safe and benefit you and your skin rather than harm. Modern cosmetology offers you dozens of procedures and treatments to eliminate wrinkles, smile lines, severe lines, and folds such as nasolabial folds, to enhance facial features, for example, lip augmentation and cheekbones definition.

Every remedy has its pros and cons and both Restylane and Radiesse have their fans and haters. The choice of the filler always depends on the current condition and appearance of the skin and the results you want to achieve. Make sure you find a qualified and experienced skin doctor, who will adequately estimate your situation and help you choose the filler that can cope with the task the best.