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Durolane 60mg / 3ml is an effective medication that gives osteoarthritis patients maximum pain relief. More precisely, it effectively reduces OA knee pain and, therefore, ensures a patient with full joint mobility. Below, you will find detailed information on the medication. Let’s check it out together!

Only a certified healthcare provider is eligible to order Durolane or other osteoarthritis treatments online and administer them to a patient’s knee joint.

General Information

“Say no to limits”

a motto of Durolane.

Durolane 60mg / 3ml is an injectable medication produced by Bioventus, a global pharmaceutical company that manufactures restorative therapies, surgical solutions, and pain treatments (including peripheral nerve treatments and osteoarthritis treatments). Unlike other knee joint pain medication solutions that should be administered in three to five injections, Durolane is a single-injection treatment. In other words, it provides a patient with an immediate relief of osteoarthritis symptoms with the help of only one injection.


The composition of Durolane 60mg / 3ml is based on hyaluronic acid. It ensures an affected by osteoarthritis knee joint with both a lubrication and a cushion. In other words, Durolane is a single-injection hyaluronic acid medication that efficiently reduces joint’s stiffness, improves joint’s cushion, and enhances joint’s mobility. Additional substances in the product’s composition are sodium chloride, disodium hydrogen phosphate dihydrate, and potassium dihydrogen phosphate.


Similar to other treatments of such a kind, Durolane is primarily indicated to address such osteoarthritis symptoms as pain and lack of mobility in the joints. In most cases, the medication is used to treat knee joints. At the same time, however, some healthcare providers effectively administer it into other joints affected by the disease, including hip joints, ankle joints, elbow joints, shoulder joints, finger joints, and toe joints.

There exist two versions of Durolane, namely Durolane 60mg / 3ml and Durolane SJ 1ml. Due to their different volumes, they should be injected into different joints. For instance, Durolane 60mg / 3ml has a greater volume and, therefore, is used to treat bigger joints, such as a knee joint or a hip joint. Durolane cost is indicated at the top of the webpage, so check it out and buy the injectable now for immediate osteoarthritis relief.


Durolane 60mg / 3ml is a single-injection hyaluronic acid treatment used to relieve osteoarthritis-related joint pain in patients who tried other simple medications and non-invasive therapies to address the disease but haven’t achieved any substantial results. Therefore, it is essential to remember that a Durolane injection is contraindicated to patients who haven’t undergone any other traditional methods to address the symptoms of the disease (for instance, physical therapy or the intake of simple analgesics).

Durolane 60mg / 3ml is also contraindicated for patients with an allergy to hyaluronic acid. As well, the medication should not be administered during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Treatment Protocol

Since the high levels of concentrated hyaluronic acid provide a patient with pain relief in a form of an injection, only a certified healthcare provider is eligible to perform the procedure (no matter whether Durolane is going to be injected into knee joint or other joints). In most cases, the treatment protocol of Durolane 60mg / 3ml administration looks as follows:

  • Firstly, a healthcare provider runs a thorough investigation of a patient’s current health condition to make sure that there are no contraindications to the treatment;
  • Secondly, a healthcare provider prepares the skin around the treatment area by means of cleaning it and applying a local anesthetic to it. If needed, he or she also withdraws excess fluid from the affected joint (or removes joint effusion).
  • Thirdly, a healthcare provider performs a Durolane injection and applies an ice pack to the affected area. As soon as it is done, a patient is eligible to return to his or her usual lifestyle.

Possible Side Effects

Under normal circumstances, Durolane 60mg / 3ml does not cause any adverse reactions. Still, some patients might notice painful sensations in affected joints, skin redness (or bruising) around the area of the injection, nausea, headache, dizziness, and other symptoms. Luckily, they have a temporary character and tend to fade away in two to five days after the injection. In most cases, these side effects do not require medical supervision.

Expected Result

The expected result after a singe-injection hyaluronic acid solution (Durolane 60mg / 3ml) equals 6 months. In other words, a patient who lives with osteoarthritis will be able to reduce joint pain and return to an active lifestyle for nearly half a year. Moreover, this result might be substantially prolonged by periodical touch-up treatments and a number of supportive therapies. As well, it is worth mentioning that the exact duration of Durolane 60mg / 3ml strongly depends on the individual peculiarities of each patient.

Key Benefits

Durolane 60mg / 3ml is an exceptionally advantageous treatment. Its key benefits are:

  • It is a single-injection hyaluronic acid solution. Thus, a patient will be able to get rid of osteoarthritis-related pain after receiving only one dose of the medication;
  • It has a high-quality composition. Durolane 60mg / 3ml is a brand-name medication of the highest possible quality;
  • It is exceptionally safe. The injection of the medication rarely leads to any severe complications or adverse reactions;
  • It creates a long-lasting result. Durolane 60mg / 3ml provides a patient with a very durable result that equals 6 months.

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