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Published: August 22, 2023

Foot Filler: Is It Really Helpful?

What is the first thing that comes to mind when we hear about dermal fillers? Probably lip enhancement, skin rejuvenation, facial contouring, and many other aesthetic filler procedures. But what if we tell you that foot filler is a thing and it is becoming more and more popular nowadays? Yes, you’ve heard it correctly. If hand rejuvenation treatment can be performed, why not use the same product for feet?

Today’s article in our blog is dedicated to this exciting topic! Find out more about this intriguing procedure, ways you can benefit from it, and safety rules to remember before the process. Knowing essentials is the key to a positive experience, so let’s dive into this topic together! OGOMED is here to ensure you become an expert in aesthetic medicine!

Is Dermal Filler for Foot Really a Thing?

Nowadays, hyaluronic acid fillers are used for numerous cosmetic procedures and body areas: face, neck, hands, etc. However, foot filler is something new, something unknown, and so it may seem weird to those who have never heard about this procedure.

We are here to ensure that HA filler injections are perfectly suitable for feet for numerous purposes: from restoring the fat pad that tends to disappear with are (especially in those who wear high heels often) to hydrating dry skin – this product can do it all. The gel can be administered in various parts of the foot, and its longevity provides a great pain-relieving effect for numerous months.

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The brand for the treatment should be picked according to the patient’s requests. Typically, specialists prefer such brands as Juvederm, Belotero, and Restylane. Sometimes, Sculptra is also used during the procedure to enhance feet structure, correct its shape, and boost collagen formation in the body. Of course, eventually, filler gets naturally absorbed by the body tissues, so the effect after the session is temporal. That’s why it’s important to schedule maintenance treatments not to let the filler wear off and painful sensations return. The frequency of the administration procedures can be discussed in the doctor’s office.

Ways Hyaluronic Acid Fillers Can Be Used for Feet

Dermal fillers’ safe application is only possible in a clinic after discussing all the goals and safety rules with an experienced specialist. Overall, this product can be used for numerous purposes regarding foot treatment, and now we would like to discuss each in more detail. Raising awareness is already halfway to success!

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Corns and Calluses

Corn is a thick skin that forms on top or between the toes; calluses are similar to corns, but they mainly occur on the outer side of a big toe, on the heel, and across the sole. Typically, they are caused by excessive pressure or friction in the affected area; as a result, we can see the layers of dead skin that can spoil the aesthetic outlook of one’s feet.

The hyaluronic acid gel should be administered underneath calluses and corns to create a natural cushion and make the pressure in the target spot less harsh. As a bonus, fillers can prevent this problem if the procedure is performed regularly and according to all safety rules. If the process passes as it should, the result may last 6 to 10 months based on the selected brand, as well as a patient’s body and health peculiarities.

High Heels Pain

Injecting fillers into the balls of the feet is also possible to protect delicate areas and prevent their damage. Soft tissue nerves, bones, and joints are prone to undergo stress repeatedly, especially if people wear high heels frequently. Specialists may create extra cushioning by using certain dermal filler brands, providing a pillow-like comfort for feet in their heels.heels pain injections

Wearing high heels often may damage one’s feet stress, so it’s highly recommended to alter them with comfortable shoes. Massages and regular HA treatments are also helpful and suitable for this delicate procedure, so discuss these options with your doctor to deal with the problem effectively. 

Foot Pad Atrophy

People have special fat pads on the bottom of the foot to walk comfortably. They tend to shrink gradually with age, so people may experience discomfort as this shock-absorbing cushion cannot work properly anymore. On top of that, fat pads shrinking may lead to other conditions, such as bursitis or neuromas; these can affect even the most basic daily activities, like walking or standing.

Hyaluronic acid fillers can be administered to replace lost fatty padding due to their hydrophilic characteristics. The solution plumps the skin under one’s foot by attracting water molecules, so people can enjoy a long-lasting improvement provided by a minimally-invasive procedure.

Flat Feet

Even though flat feet may seem insignificant, this issue can cause significant discomfort and be the reason for heel or foot pain in people. This condition means that a person’s one or both feet have little to no arch; as a result, the pads of one’s feet press harshly to the ground when they stand. This problem may cause various other issues, such as shin splints, bunions, painful sensations in the legs, and many others.

Plastic surgeons use HA injectables in the bottoms of one’s feet to create the arch to relieve the pressure on the fat pads. Natural collagen production is also improved after the treatment session, so that’s another excellent feature of dermal fillers every patient may enjoy.

Are Foot Fillers Safe?

Hyaluronic acid fillers are typically used in the cosmetic medicine sphere to restore lost volume and deal with hollowness in certain facial and body parts. HA is a safe component mainly because it can be found naturally in the body; after it’s injected, it settles well under the skin and starts working; the average longevity of hyaluronic acid products is twelve months, and they slowly break down to get naturally absorbed by the body tissues. Scheduling appointments regularly is another way of supporting the effect, and the process doesn’t take more than 30 minutes.

As for its safety, hyaluronic acid cannot hurt a person, as this substance is naturally present in the body, which means it’s biocompatible and rarely causes severe adverse reactions. The only thing that can impact one’s well-being negatively is an incorrect injection technique, so it’s vital only to use the services of experienced, well-trained specialists with perfect knowledge of the human body anatomy. Check out all available options online to select the best one!

Risks You Should Consider Before the Treatment

Before the injection session, a person should discuss all the risks and warnings with a doctor to ensure the foot filler procedure is safe. It’s also important to mention all the limitations, examine one’s health conditions, and consider medication interactions to ensure a person can try the procedure safely without worrying about complications. Dermal filler dosage should also be calculated according to a person’s needs and cosmetic requests.

The procedure itself doesn’t take long – not more than thirty minutes. Before the injection session, the target area is cleaned to ensure no infection risks. A local anesthetic may also be applied to minimize the chances of painful sensations and discomfort during the process. It’s better to limit your activities after the appointment to let the product settle properly under the skin; plan a cozy evening at home, and just let your feet rest!

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As for the possibility of complications, it is minimal due to the beneficial composition of most dermal fillers. People typically experience local injection site reactions like bruising, redness, and swelling; high skin sensitivity is another natural outcome. All side effects should be gone within a few days after the appointment, so be patient and discuss all your worries with a professional to ensure recovery goes as it should. Other, more disturbing, symptoms include allergic reactions, granulomas, inflammation, and infection. If any of those occur, a specialist should be informed as soon as possible to provide proper medical help and prevent the condition from worsening.

The Bottom Line: How Can Foot Fillers Help You?

For numerous reasons, soft tissue fillers for feet are effective and often demanded in the cosmetic sphere. This type of product can help with certain aesthetic conditions, as well as provide some functional benefits many individuals will find helpful for their cases. Talking to a doctor before the injection session is vital to plan the process carefully, so we highly recommend looking for a reliable healthcare provider to create the most beneficial treatment scheme. Each patient is unique, so the procedure must also be made according to their needs. For more exciting articles, don’t forget to visit our blog regularly; we are always here to share all the essentials and novelties of the cosmetic beauty sphere with you!