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Published: August 17, 2023

Evenity or Prolia: Choosing the Right Treatment for Osteoporosis

Treating osteoporosis (or, to be honest, any other bone-related disease) is a process that requires dedication and patience despite the chosen drug. Time is needed for the product to start working, and the body needs to adjust to the new solution, so it’s important to understand all the peculiarities of the picked medication to predict how a person would feel after the injection session.

Today’s article is dedicated to the two osteoporosis injections used for individuals with low bone density – Prolia and Evenity. Keep reading to learn more about all the basics, essential similarities, things that distinguish these brands from one another, and other vital details. Let’s dive into the comparison!


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The Basics About the Two Osteoporosis Drugs

Knowing the basics about osteoporosis medications like Evenity and Prolia is the first step to deciding which one to use for one’s needs. Even though they may sound similar, the differences are still there, and it’s better to remember those before stopping on just one injection type. Below, we are going to mention some essentials about Prolia and Evenity for bone health.

AN IMPORTANT QUESTION: What is osteoporosis?

Normally, healthy bones have tiny spaces inside; they are referred to as honeycombs. If these areas are affected by osteoporosis, they enlarge, causing bone density and strength to get significantly damaged both inside and outside. A very low bone mineral density typically occurs in older women (but not exclusively). A low level of parathyroid hormone may also be the reason. The issue makes daily activities like walking or standing dangerous, potentially leading to bone break or damage. Typically, this condition affects hips, wrists, ribs, and spine bones. 


Prolia is a perfect solution to treat osteoporosis, preferably in women in their menopause phase, as well as those with low bone density and weak structure. This medication is also known as denosumab injection and can as well be prescribed to individuals who go through hormone replacement therapy to make menopausal symptoms less harsh. This product belongs to a prescription type, meaning it’s impossible to buy it over the counter to use at home; on top f that, to provide a safe experience, the administration process can only be performed by an experienced specialist in a doctor’s office according to all the safety rules.


Evenity is another injectable for severe osteoporosis treatment in women with damaged bone tissue. This condition increases the bone fracture risk, as well as makes certain normal activities potentially dangerous for an individual. Just like the previous brand, this one is in prescription medication, meaning the only safe way to use it is in the doctor’s office after going through all required medical examinations and tests. The administration may be performed in different areas, including the belly, upper arm, and thighs.

General Information You Should Know

Now that we know the essentials let’s dive deeper into Prolia and Evenity peculiarities to understand these injectables better. Just like other medications, they have their special features, and we believe it’s worth mentioning them in this article.


Both Prolia and Evenity are produced by the same biotechnological corporation called Amgen. This company uses innovative technologies for creating its healing solutions, which are not only effective but also approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Except for Prolia and Evenity, this manufacturer offers a wide range of other solutions for bone-related conditions treatment; Aimovig, Neupogen, Sensipar, Vectibix, and others are available for those who need more alternatives to the two brands presented in this article.

AN IMPORTANT QUESTION: Can I purchase Evenity online?

Evenity and Prolia are suitable for professional use only, meaning you must be a board-certified specialist to buy and use them in the clinic. On OGOMED, we check your medical license before confirming the order and sending products to the indicated address. 


Even though the composition of both injectables is similar, it’s still not identical, so the differences here must be mentioned. Here are some of the essentials:

  • Prolia is based on denosumab, meaning it’s a RANK ligand inhibitor that decreases the chances of bone fractures by blocking specific receptors in the body;
  • Evenity works with romosozumab-aqqg – a humanized monoclonal antibody meant to slow down sclerostin action (it regulates bone metabolism).

Both substances used to create the injectables are safe and can treat osteoporosis effectively, thus improving bone mass, structure, and density.evenity or prolia


The main tasks for Prolia and Evenity are the same: treating mild to severe osteoporosis by boosting bone density and structure. The target audience is usually women in their menopausal age; however, it may also be discussed with a doctor for other patients.

One thing you should remember is that Prolia has some other uses that are not the same as Evenity. We are talking about:

  • Bone tissue quality improvement for women undergoing breast cancer treatment;
  • Cure of osteoporosis caused by glucocorticoids (works for both male and female patients);
  • Bone health boost for male patients who undergo prostate cancer treatment;
  • Etc.

From this list, we may understand that the latter injectable has a broader spectrum of use, so more patients can benefit from it. Still, it can only be decided after a proper discussion with a medical professional after a patient undergoes all required tests and checkups.

Evenity Vs. Prolia. Dosage and Administration

After the best injectable for osteoporosis treatment is selected, dosage should be calculated to provide expected pain relief and avoid an increased risk of bone fracture. The numbers here are strictly individual and should be decided based on a patient’s health condition.

Prolia’s strength is 60 milligrams (mg) per 1 milliliter (mL), and it should be administered once every six months to see the improvement. Typically, the injection sites are the abdomen, buttocks, and upper arm, and it’s better to switch them from time to time to avoid irritation.

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Evenity is a 105 mg/1.17 mL infusion that should be used monthly for the whole year. Sometimes, a doctor may prescribe a double dose for individuals with extremely low bone density, increasing it to 210mg. Sometimes, there is a risk of Evenity not working correctly for a person’s needs, so other medications should be considered in addition to the primary treatment. All these nuances should be discussed with a medical professional to create the best scheme for an individual.

Should Side Effects Be Expected?

Adverse reactions are natural for any medication, and knowing them is essential for a safe and comfortable experience. Speaking about Evenity and Prolia, they may cause some typical side effects, including headaches, skin irritation in the administration spot, neck pain, joint aches, and flu-like symptoms. Swelling of feet, arms, and hands is also possible due to the compositions of both products. Everything mentioned here belongs to temporal irritations, meaning they should be gone a few days after the treatment.

Still, it’s important to remember that rarer but more severe side effects may also occur after the injection session. If a person is aware of them, they know better when it’s time to make an emergency call to a doctor’s office. So, keep in mind the following:

  • Severe allergic reactions;
  • Shortness of breath;
  • Dizziness and blurred vision;
  • Muscle spasms;
  • Unhealing mouth sores;
  • Numbness or tingling in toes, fingers, and mouth;
  • Increased risk of blood clots formation in the leg;
  • And so on.

Warnings and Limitations

Evenity and Prolia are excellent injectables for people with very low bone density; still, some individuals shouldn’t use them due to certain limitations that must be discussed in the doctor’s office for the sake of a patient’s safety and positive experience with the product. The main contraindications include the following conditions:

  • Current pregnancy (or planned in the nearest future);
  • Allergies related to any components of the injectables;
  • The history of cardiovascular disease;
  • High risk of bone cancer;
  • Known kidney problems;
  • Weak immune system.

AN IMPORTANT QUESTION: Can I stop the therapy whenever I want?

It’s unsafe to stop the treatment with Evenity or Prolia suddenly. If you decide these are not for you anymore, gradually reduce the dose until fully stopped. It’s better to discuss this process with a specialist in more detail. 

Is It Safe to Switch Between Prolia and Evenity?

Sometimes, a successful osteoarthritis treatment requires multiple products to demonstrate decent results. People may get used to one medication and need a replacement or a stronger option due to the severity of one’s condition. So, it’s a good thing Evenity and Prolia are mutually replaceable and can be switched for a better effect in the end. It’s not recommended to combine these products, as it may lead to unwanted drug interactions.

The most important thing to remember is that all changes must be gradually performed and carefully discussed with a medical professional. Adding any adjustments to the treatment plan without consulting a professional is dangerous and can potentially lead to unwanted complications.

To Conclude Similarities and Dissimilarities


  • Evenity and Prolia are both injectables for osteoporosis treatment;
  • Both brands are created by the Amgen manufacturer;
  • Prolia and Evenity have similar indications, limitations, and side effects.


  • The longevity for both products is different: Evenity works for twelve months, while Prolia provides the effect for about six months;
  • Active substances vary: Evenity works with romosozumab-aqqg, and Prolia is based on denosumab;
  • Prolia has a wider range of indications, such as osteoporosis treatment caused by glucocorticoids.

To Sum Up: Prolia Vs. Evenity

Osteoporosis treatment is a process that requires time, patience, and dedication. Evenity and Prolia are excellent brands that fulfill all patients’ needs and provide the pain relief they’ve been looking for. One of the essential things for a safe experience is constant doctor observance, as only an experienced specialist may find the best medication for an individual, calculate the correct dosage and administration frequency, as well as perform the procedure by injecting the solution into previously-defined target spots.

Overall, Prolia and Evenity are safe infusions perfectly capable of fulfilling various medical requests. Of course, the best thing about both is the ability to reduce pain, an unavoidable result of osteoporosis. Hopefully, this article shed light on some questions you had, so now it’ll be easier to deal with any type of bone-related conditions.