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Published: August 28, 2023

How Long Is the Mirena Good for?

Finding the right option to prevent pregnancy for responsible family planning is sometimes a pretty challenging task. Each woman is unique, and each body reacts differently to various birth control products, so the primary thing for a positive experience is to select the best one according to one’s needs and health peculiarities. So, we believe it’s important to know some essential features of each available option to make the decision much easier and less stressful. For example, today, we would like to discuss a Mirena IUD and the longevity of its effect. This factor is often decisive when it comes to contraception selection, so let’s pay more attention to it and highlight all the essentials about Mirena.

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The Explanation of Mirena IUDs

Before discussing the specifics of the brand, let’s look closely at the general definition. Mirena – levonorgestrel-releasing intrauterine system meant to prevent pregnancy and control heavy menstrual bleeding in women. This intrauterine device, also called an IUD, belongs to the hormonal type of birth control.

As for its outlook, this product has a T-shape form and is meant to be inserted into the uterus to start acting. The hormone progestin is released regularly from the device, making the environment in the uterus inhospitable for sperm, reducing the chances of those getting to the egg and fertilizing it. Overall, Mirena affects the body in the following way:

  • It makes the uterus lining thinner, so the ovulation is partially suppressed, and the egg cannot attach to the walls as easily as it should;
  • The mucus in the cervix becomes thicker, so it’s practically impossible for the sperm to go through it and get to the egg.

This way, the chances of getting pregnant are getting closer to zero. Of course, it’s still important to stay protected and use other contraceptive products to prevent sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), especially if a person has more than one sexual partner.

How to Use Mirena Correctly?

Before choosing Mirena as one’s birth control option, it’s essential to visit a doctor’s office to check the current health situation, discuss body peculiarities, and decide whether this brand suits a person’s needs. After all those steps are finished, a specialist may begin the insertion. Let’s look closely at the correct way to perform this process most safely and comfortably.

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Removal and Insertion

The hormonal IUD device Mirena is a little larger than a traditional T-shaped IUD; the main reason for it is the reservoir with a hormonal drug attached to it. As a result, the diameter is a little bigger, so the insertion technique varies for a patient’s comfort.

First of all, local anesthesia and cervical dilation are required to make the process easier. The procedure may be performed at any stage of the menstrual cycle. However, there are some rules regarding post-pregnancy insertion; the women must wait six months before using Mirena. To ensure the procedure was successful, the first control examination should be performed after a month, the second one – after three months, and then every year to make sure everything is okay and Mirena’s placement is not disturbed.

As for the removal, the procedure is quick and painless and can be finished within thirty minutes. Afterward, a patient can try getting pregnant immediately; however, keep in mind that some time may be required for progestin to wear off from the body completely (approximately a month), so don’t get devastated if you cannot conceive immediately.

Contraindications and Safety Information

mirena good forTo be sure Mirena cannot affect one’s reproductive life and impact the immune system negatively, limitations must be considered before the injection session. We are talking about the following conditions:

  • Pregnancy;
  • Vaginal bleeding of an unknown nature;
  • Known hypersensitivity to the device’s components, namely levonorgestrel, silicone, silica, silver, barium, iron oxide, or polyethylene;
  • Untreated pelvic infection or inflammatory disease;
  • Breast cancer;
  • Uterine fibroid tumors;
  • Cancer of the uterus or cervix;
  • Liver disease or tumor;
  • AIDS;
  • Leukemia;
  • And others.

Due to levonorgestrel’s presence in the product’s composition, a patient must inform a specialist about such issues as heart disease, high blood pressure, strokes or heart attack history, blood clotting disorders, severe migraines, vaginal infections, and others. This hormone can worsen one’s health significantly if any of the previously mentioned issues are present, so informing a doctor about these is vital to preserve one’s safety. If there are better options than Mirena for an individual, an alternative can always be selected, as there are plenty of those available on the market.

Mirena’s Longevity

Not so long ago, Mirena was believed to have worked for pregnancy prevention for five years maximum. However, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the supplemental New Drug Application (sNDA) for Mirena, extending its average durability to 8 years. This product is also effective for heavy menstrual bleeding treatment and can work for five years for this purpose.

Mirena can also be used as an emergency contraception; if inserted within five days after unprotected sex, it can still work and prevent unwanted pregnancy. Still, it’s better to be careful and not let this type of incident happen.

As for the contraceptive efficacy, it works perfectly well in 98% of situations. That’s much higher than many other options, and that’s the reason why so many people choose Mirena over all other brands.

Am I Experiencing Side Effects?

In most cases, Mirena insertion is impossible without side effects. The body needs time to get used to the device inserted into it, so a patient should be ready to experience slight discomfort after an appointment. Remember about the following reactions:

  • Abdominal and pelvic pain;
  • Atypical vaginal discharge;
  • Vaginal itching;
  • Missed or irregular periods;
  • Changes in menstrual bleeding patterns;
  • Stomach pain and bloating;
  • Ovarian cysts;
  • Vomiting, nausea;
  • Mood swings, depression;
  • Migraines;
  • Sudden weight gain;
  • Breast tenderness;
  • Acne;
  • Decreased libido;
  • Ectopic pregnancy (extremally rare).

These reactions go under the range of normal ones, so a few months may be required for the body to adjust and all negative reactions to fade away. To find ways to ease your life, we highly recommend setting an appointment in a doctor’s office and discussing all the options (it should be done based on the experienced side effects).


A specialist must be informed about severe adverse reactions. It includes severe pelvic infection, severe vaginal or uterine bleeding, extreme dizziness, painful sensations during intercourse, and others. Contact your gynecologist to discuss possible solutions to these problems on time. Sometimes, medical help is the only way to keep these conditions under control, so don’t postpone the appointment. 

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Mirena IUDs?

Now that you know all the basics, let’s look closely at the short list of Mirena’s advantages and disadvantages. With its help, you can decide whether this option is good for you and your birth control goals. Let’s see!


  • Longevity. Mirena can prevent pregnancy and treat heavy periods for up to seven years, which is a significant amount of time compared to other available options;
  • Effectiveness. Mirena provides up to 98% efficiency, and the chances of getting pregnant are close to zero if the device is inserted correctly;
  • Reversibility. That means if the woman wants to get pregnant, all she has to do is go to the clinic and take the device out;
  • Menstrual cycle changes. Menstrual bleeding can be minimized with Mirena. This product can also reduce cramps and severe menstrual symptoms.


  • Hormonal origin. Some patients reach negatively to hormonal contraceptives, so a test drive is always an option to ensure Mirena is safe for one’s needs;
  • It cannot protect you from STDs. If you have more than one sexual partner, it’s better to use an additional method of protection (for example, condoms);
  • There are risks of perforations. As the area is very delicate, correctly placing an IUD is crucial. If the insertion technique is wrong, perforations are unavoidable.

In Conclusion

Mirena is an effective intrauterine contraception option often used to prevent pregnancy and control heavy menstrual bleeding. It’s one of the numerous variants on the market offered to women that has some beneficial characteristics each patient can enjoy. First of all, it’s one of the most durable options (it lasts up to five years); on top of that, it has an effectiveness of 98% so women can expect a high level of protection. It’s also one of the safest brands thanks to its composition and comfortable shape, making the insertion painless and only slightly uncomfortable. Overall, we highly recommend discussing all available variants with a doctor, as that’s the only person whose opinion you should consider. A careful medical examination is a must; after that, the product can be selected, and the insertion may be performed. Be safe out there, and stay healthy!