Restylane Lyps Lidocaine 1ml

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Brand Restylane

RESTYLANE LYPS LIDOCAINE 1ml by Galderma is a soft-gel filler used by doctors for adding volume and fullness to the skin and also for correcting or moderating severe facial wrinkles and folds. Further appointments should be taken for reducing deep wrinkles and lines, marionetting lines and nasolabial fold.

OGOMED will supply You with authentic Restylane Lyps in a sterile vial for single use.

Restylane Lyps 1ml is your best choice if you want to maximize your lips contour and volume.

By containing Lidocaine Restylane Lyps provides much less discomfort experienced by the patient during treatment.

Restylane’s one of the main ingredients is biocompatible hyaluronic acid, which allows this product to provide instant and natural results. Its key properties are keeping the skin hydrated with adding plumpness.

Before you start the procedure using Restylane Lyps Lidocaine 1ml, please receive information from your patient about any previous permanent treatments or body enhancing products they have used especially about hypersensitivity to HA (hyaluronic acid).

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