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Published: January 15, 2024

Euflexxa vs. Synvisc: Which Treatment is Better?

Among all the changes people experience as they get older, joint dysfunction is one of the most common problems they must deal with on a daily basis. Mainly, this condition is caused by the lack of synovial fluid, also known as articular fluid. Its main task is to provide proper joint functioning and ensure there is a protective layer between joints so people don’t experience discomfort or pain as they move. As follows, if the liquid is lacking, articular cartilages rub against each other and gradually collapse if not taken care of properly on time.

We know about the traditional ways to deal with this issue: medications, massages, dietary supplements, supporting procedures, and others. However, today, we would like to concentrate more on the two helpful hyaluronic acid injections perfect for knee osteoarthritis management – Euflexxa and Synvisc. Even though these brands have some common features, they are still different, so it’s important to understand that to pick the most suitable product for the treatment. Let’s start the discussion and shed light on these two revolutionary gels for arthritis-related pain relief.

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How Can Hyaluronic Acid Help with the Acute Arthritis?

Before answering the question in the header, let’s refresh our memories on what hyaluronic acid is.

*Hyaluronic acid is naturally found in the human eyes, skin, and joints. This slippery and gooey substance has a few main benefits, the primary ones being helping our joints move without pain or discomfort, maintaining a proper hydration level in the body, and keeping the skin flexible and free from lines and wrinkles. With are, the production of HA in the body decreases, so we experience certain internal and external changes. 

Hyaluronic acid is naturally found in the cartilage between synovial joints. As its amount decreases, people may experience problems with movement, as well as inflammation and pain. Thus, sodium hyaluronate injections like Euflexxa and Synvisc are perfect for treating affected joints. Extra lubrication helps reduce joint pain and makes the overall movement less uncomfortable, as the joints don’t rub so harshly against each other. As the body eventually absorbs HA, conducting these treatments regularly is essential so the gel does not wear off fully. A doctor should calculate the frequency based on a patient’s current health situation.

To Cover the Essentials: Euflexxa and Synvisc Definition

Before diving deeper into the Synvisc and Euflexxa comparison, let’s highlight the essentials of each hyaluronic acid injection. Presenting you the definition of Synvisc and Euflexxa, developed specifically to treat osteoarthritis.


This medication is widely used for knee osteoarthritis treatment. The product is available in two variations – regular Synvisc and Synvisc One. While the first option requires three injections, the second one needs only one. The injectable itself consists of Hylan-polymers and sodium chlorides. Once Synvisc therapy is finished, the expected longevity of the results is six months. A doctor should evaluate the current patient’s condition and create a treatment plan according to their needs and the disease’s progress.

To order Synvisc, you must either have a prescription from your healthcare provider or be a licensed medical professional, as this brand belongs to prescription medications, meaning it cannot be bought over the counter in the local pharmacy.


Euflexxa is a knee injection used to reduce joint swelling and renew the lubrication cushion between the joints to make moving easier for those suffering from arthritis. Sodium hyaluronate, in the composition of the product, is made from a substance extracted from bacterial cells.

This brand is mainly used for treating knee joints; however, it also suits other regions, such as shoulders or hips. Three injections with a week interval are required to demonstrate decent results, and the procedure must be repeated after six months to maintain a proper effect. Still, it’s better to discuss the administration session with a specialist, as they are the only ones who can calculate the correct dose and treatment scheme.

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A Detailed Comparison of Knee Osteoarthritis Injectables

Now, as all the essentials are highlighted, let’s dive deeper into the main differences between the two intra-articular hyaluronic acid injections. Even though they may seem minor, understanding all the peculiarities is vital for successful treatment. Let’s look closely at everything you should remember!


Euflexxa and Synvisc are similar in their compositions, as they both use sodium hyaluronate. They are also purified, but the methods used during the manufacturing process are different: Euflexxa contains the substance extracted from the bacteria cells, while Synvisc includes the substance that comes from chicken combs. That’s why discussing all the allergies and hypersensitivities is vital for patients’ safety.

Medication Application for the Knee Joint

Synvisc and Euflexxa are meant to be administered into the synovial space after removing the synovial liquid from the administration spot. The procedure should be performed with the help of an ultra-thin needle, and a new one should be taken for each infusion. Euflexxa demands three appointments over the course of three weeks to provide a proper improvement; Synvisc, on the other hand, may be used differently based on the injectable type selected for the treatment: Synvisc One requires just one session, while its classic form needs three injections for proper pain relief.

Longevity and Efficiency

As for the treatments’ longevity, it’s quite similar for both brands. After the treatment session, patients may expect up to six months of effective pain relief and comfortable movement. To control knee osteoarthritis properly, having regular maintenance procedures is vital. A doctor helps patients work out the best schedule according to their needs and the disease’s progress.


As for the contraindications for osteoarthritis medications, there are a few points that must be remembered:

  • Known allergic reactions to any products’ components;
  • Infected or inflamed joints;
  • Venous or lymphatic stasis in the target region;
  • Skin injection in the injection site.

Normally, there are two ways to still provide a pain-relieving effect for a patient: by waiting till the area is fully healed or by choosing another medication for the procedure. Either way, a person should visit a doctor’s office to discuss all the available options and select the one that is most beneficial to them.

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Adverse Reactions

Due to the natural composition of both brands, severe adverse reactions seldom happen after the treatment. The worst patients may expect is local irritation in the administration spot, like redness or bruising, slight discomfort after the appointment, and tolerable pain while moving until the gel is settled properly between the joints. If the discomfort lasts for more than a few days, it’s better to inform a medical professional just to ensure everything heals properly and nothing threatens patients.

Which One to Choose for Osteoarthritis Treatment? Knee pain

Speaking frankly, there is no right answer to the question of which brand is better for knee pain elimination. Both Euflexxa and Synvisc work perfectly to replace a natural lubricant between the joints and eliminate pain during movement. The main factors that must be considered in the doctor’s office are, of course, the peculiarities of a patient’s health (especially their allergies), the severity of the disease, and others. Thus, we highly recommend finding a well-trusted healthcare supplier and working out all the treatment details with them. That’s the best way to have a safe experience with a positive outcome.

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The Summary: Euflexxa vs. Synvisc

Osteoarthritis knee pain is an issue that affects the life quality of dozens of thousands of people out there. Traditional treatment options, like oral medications or special massage therapies, don’t always help or stop helping at some point, so alternatives like Synvisc and Euflexxa are perfect for boosting one’s quality of life significantly. These injectables are also often used together with traditional arthritis treatments to provide better results in the end. The main difference between the two brands is their composition: while Euflexxa contains the substance extracted from bacterial cells, Synvisc has the special substance from the chicken combs. A specialist must pick the best option based on a patient’s health and body peculiarities, as well as the severity of the condition. We’re glad that we can refresh your knowledge on this topic. Order Euflexxa and Synvisc from Ogomed now to always have them available for your patients!