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Published: February 6, 2024

Euflexxa vs. Orthovisc – Which Knee Osteoarthritis Treatment Triumphs?

Knee osteoarthritis is a condition that over 30 million adults in the U.S. have been diagnosed with. Every tenth American citizen experiences difficulties while performing simple daily activities, such as walking, running, standing, or having the easiest gym sessions. Due to the growing numbers of those affected by the disease, new solutions for treatment occur on the market every day to manage the condition effectively when traditional methods like physiotherapy or topical medications stop working. Intra-articular hyaluronic acid injections like Euflexxa and Orthovisc are among the most helpful options known out there, and today, we would like to discuss them in more detail to find out which one is the most effective for treating knee osteoarthritis and providing significant relief to patients with different needs. Continue reading to unravel all the secrets of osteoarthritis knee pain medicines and the way people can return to their everyday lives with just a few regularly scheduled administration sessions. Your journey begins here!

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Discussing the Basics: Euflexxa and Orthovisc Highlights

Before discussing the similarities and differences between each hyaluronic acid treatment, we believe it’s better to point out all the essential details of both Euflexxa and Orthovisc to understand their essentials. Please keep in mind that everything in this article is presented for informational purposes only, so it’s important to discuss all the questions and concerns with a doctor to have a positive experience with either of these products.


Euflexxa injectable is produced by Ferring Pharmaceuticals, which is a famous pharmaceutical company known for its long-lasting and high-quality products. As Euflexxa is a prescription medication, it cannot be purchased over the counter in a local pharmacy; a doctor writes a prescription and performs the treatment in the hospital to guarantee a precise administration for knee joint pain reduction.

The product itself contains high-purified hyaluronic acid of synthetic origin, which resembles human synovial fluid between joints perfectly. It acts like a strong lubricant and an excellent shock absorber, reducing discomfort during movement and providing significant pain relief. The average longevity of this medicine is six months; three administration sessions should be performed during the first three weeks of the treatment, and the gel may need some time to settle properly in the target spot – three days to a week is typically enough.


Orthovisc is also an effective drug for patients with osteoarthritis of the knee. Its manufacturer is Anika Therapeutics, Inc., also famous for such injectables as Hyvisc, Monovisc, and others. To order Orthovisc, people need a valid prescription from their doctor, as it belongs to prescription medications just like Euflexxa.

Regarding the product’s composition, Orthovisc contains biodegradable hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin; it’s perfect for the knee area but still has a slightly lower molecular weight if compared to Euflexxa. Still, it’s among the most popular options for symptomatic knee osteoarthritis, and thousands of people around the world enjoy its effect for a long time. Typically, the durability of Orthovisc is six months, and three to four administration sessions are required to see a decent improvement. However, some individuals notice substantial pain relief after the first injection.

More About Similarities and Differences

Now that we understand the basics better, let’s compare these popular osteoarthritis injectables available on Ogomed.

Hyaluronic acid included in the composition of both medications is very similar to the fluid between joints, making them perfect for pain relief and better movement. However, their average molecular weight varies slightly; to be more precise, Euflexxa is picked more often for knee osteoarthritis management because its molecular weight is a little higher than Orthovisc’s. Still, both products demonstrate great effectiveness if combined with physical therapy. But, you need to remember that there are more injections to treat osteoarthritis, we believe you will find out what is the best gel injection for knees for you.

As for the hyaluronic acid in the medications’ bases, it’s extracted from bacterial cells. That’s an important factor, as many other brands choose HA produced from the rooster combs, and this formula is not suitable for everyone, as the chances of allergic reactions are higher in this case.

Cosidering the frequency of Orthovisc and Euflexxa injections, there are slight differences as well. Euflexxa should be performed in a series of three weekly administration sessions, while Orthovisc generally needs four injections once a week to show a decent result.

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The Benefits of Hyaluronic Acid Injections

As the clinical outcomes of both brands are similar, we believe it’s better to highlight their benefits in the same paragraph. First of all, these medications provide significant pain relief to individuals with knee osteoarthritis; sometimes, specialists even prescribe them to those who recently went through a total knee replacement surgery. Due to the incredible resemblance of the gels to the natural synovial fluid, they work well for people experiencing trouble in movement. Plus, each hyaluronic acid injectable has an average longevity of six months; as a bonus, the effect can be prolonged with simple maintenance treatments scheduled once every six months.

On top of that, the success rate of these brands is incredible because they have a high molecular weight, ensuring a positive outcome once the course is finished. However, the results can still be affected by certain individual factors, such as one’s age, osteoarthritis severity, selected dose for the session, and other nuances.

Finally, let’s not forget about the anti-inflammatory properties of Euflexxa and Orthovisc, which not only slow down knee osteoarthritis development but also guarantee a fast recovery after the administration session. Still, only a doctor can tell whether this option is right for one’s needs, so consultation is a must.

Potential Side Effects After Knee Osteoarthritis Injectables

The best thing about Euflexxa and Orthovisc is the low chance of adverse reactions after the treatment. Of course, most people experience local irritation from the needle puncture, such as redness, swelling, or bruising. Some time is also required for the gel to settle, so patients should be careful while moving to let the recovery be unproblematic and fast. Still, a specialist must be informed immediately if any of these warning signs occur:

  • Signs of skin infection;
  • Bleeding;
  • Worsening knee pain;
  • Signs of allergies, such as trouble breathing or swollen throat/tongue.

There’s no need to wait until these symptoms disappear, as there’s no guarantee that would happen. So, we highly recommend always staying in touch with a doctor and having clear communication about all the warning signs.

What’s Better: Euflexxa or Orthovisc?

The right medication for significant pain relief in patients with knee osteoarthritis should be picked according to their needs and the severity of the disease. After a careful examination in the doctor’s office, a specialist must decide which option is better to meet one’s needs safely and effectively, providing expected health improvement without severe complications.

As for the answer to which brand is better – Euflexxa or Orthovisc – there’s no right answer here. The drug is selected according to one’s needs and the symptoms they experience due to osteoarthritis. However, Euflexxa has a higher molecular weight, so it’s most similar to the synovial fluid in the knee, making it a more popular choice for the treatment. However, both products contain hyaluronic acid in their composition, and the best one can only be picked by a specialist. Hopefully, you found all the answers on this blog; if not – check out other articles on this website and have a closer look at our assortment. Ogomed is always there for you!