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Published: March 25, 2024

Comparing Durolane and Euflexxa Injections: Which Is the Better Choice?

Knee osteoarthritis is a more common problem than one can think. It can be diagnosed pretty early in life, as people typically experience prominent signs of discomfort because of this condition: knee joint swelling and discomfort, muscle pain, trouble participating in basic daily activities, and others. If the becomes too severe and traditional physical therapy and oral medications are not helpful, specialists turn to intra-articular hyaluronic acid injections, such as Euflexxa and Durolane. This is an alternative for those who are not ready for more serious steps, such as knee replacement surgery.

Durolane and Euflexxa are both effective and safe, so they are quite popular for treating knee OA. Plus, they have some similar features so that unaware people can confuse the brands with one another sometimes. That’s where comparative articles like this one may be quite helpful. Today, we will explain all the nuances of the Euflexxa vs. Durolane battle; share this piece with your patients if you want to explain all the essentials to them in a nutshell. Educating people means describing why it’s not recommended to postpone the treatments, as well as demonstrating actual procedures are not as scary as some may think. Let’s start the discussion!

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Patient receive Durolane or Euflexxa knee injection

Starting with the Basics: Hyaluronic Acid Injections in a Nutshell

Correctly-picked medications are vital to see a positive dynamic in a doctor-diagnosed arthritis. If ignored for a long time, the disease may only become more severe, so it’s highly recommended not to ignore all the warning signs to eliminate discomfort and all the related complications. However, to choose the right option, you must know all the special features of the selected products, in this case – Durolane and Euflexxa. Thus, we are here to mention all the essentials about each brand to increase your understanding of this topic.

Durolane for Knee Osteoarthritis Management

Durolane is the medication for treating knee osteoarthritis-related issues, such as joint pain and swelling, movement problems, etc. The injectable is produced by Bioventus, a well-known company that mainly concentrates on osteoarthritis solutions.

As a hyaluronic acid product, Durolane provides a long-lasting effect that can be easily supported by regularly scheduled treatments and a proper physical therapy course. This brand is multifunctional, meaning it’s not only perfect for the knee area but also demonstrated excellent results in finger, hip, shoulder, etc. joints. As for the administration session, a single injection directly into the affected joint is enough to notice a prominent improvement in one’s quality of life. If everything is performed according to all the safety rules and with the proper technique, the expected results are up to six months (it can be calculated more precisely after analyzing the patient’s current health situation and body peculiarities). After half a year, it’s highly recommended to head to the doctor’s office again to renew Durolane and ensure the gel doesn’t wear off from between the joints.

Euflexxa and Its Main Features

Euflexxa is a highly popular and well-known osteoarthritis medication by Ferring Pharmaceuticals Inc. Like most products that mimic the fluid in synovial joints, it contains hyaluronic acid to relieve pain for patients with knee problems. After the injection, the gel acts as a lubricant and shock absorber, creating a cushion between affected joints to prevent them from rubbing.

These HA injections are prescription medications, which means people can only use them after an examination in the doctor’s office. In addition, the procedure must be performed by a specialist to ensure the correct amount of the gel is infused in the right spot. The desired effect may be achieved after having multiple injections – three is the average number. Thanks to the accumulated HA in the target area, the results stay for around a year; for Euflexxa to continue working, alternative dosing regimens can be discussed with a doctor to prevent the gel from wearing off.

Euflexxa vs Durolane: The Comparison

As it was already briefly mentioned, Euflexxa and Durolane have the same active ingredient, and that’s the main reason why some individuals may confuse these brands with one another. And even though they have similar goals, working principles, and results, there are some prominent differences that must be considered.

What are the main dissimilarities between Durolane and Euflexxa?

  • Hyaluronic acid concentration. Durolane comes in a 3ml pre-filled syringe with an HA concentration of 20mg/ml, while Euflexxa has 2ml of the active component in a 2ml syringe;
  • The number of injections for prominent results. Durolane is a single injection, requiring only one treatment to deal with the problem. Euflexxa, on the other hand, demands at least three weekly administration sessions;
  • The effect’s longevity. Durolane’s maximum durability is six months, while Euflexxa may last up to a year in some patients.

Even though there are prominent differences, one thing doesn’t change — both brands are lifesavers for patients with diagnosed knee osteoarthritis. They provide long-lasting results and let people live their routines without experiencing discomfort or pain.

Benefits That People with Chronic Knee Pain Can Experience

Both Euflexxa and Durolane can provide beneficial results when it comes to arthritis control. If used regularly, these products are excellent for fulfilling these purposes and medical goals:

  • Pain stimulus blocking to reduce sensitivity in the affected area;
  • Knee joint inflammation reduction;
  • Restoring hyaluronic acid in the joint tissues;
  • The natural increase of collagen and elastin in the body provides support even after the gel wears off.

Of course, the most common positive outcome people seek when considering Euflexxa or Durolane is life quality improvement. You cannot fully enjoy your routine if it’s constantly disturbed by pain and discomfort. Gladly, modern medicine doesn’t stay in one place, developing rapidly to fulfill various needs and help patients deal with all their health conditions.

Safety Information

As Euflexxa and Durolane contain hyaluronic acid, patients rarely experience adverse reactions after the treatment. This component has a natural origin and is already present in each body, so it’s biocompatible and settles well in target spots. Still, the administration process is a minimally invasive procedure, so patients may experience a certain discomfort once the session is finished. Commonly, these side effects can be expected:

  • Injection site pain (may last for a few days);
  • Slight swelling in the target region;
  • Digestion issues, stomach ache;
  • Headaches and migraines;
  • Back pain;
  • And so on.

All the unfortunate symptoms should disappear after a few hours or days; if not, a medical professional should immediately be informed about the issue to help on time. To ensure the recovery is successful and goes as expected, we recommend following a proper aftercare regime: avoid putting pressure on the treated knee, try to remain in a calm position till the gel settles, and apply ice packs to reduce topical irritations.

The Summary: Durolane vs Euflexxa

Euflexxa and Durolane are often confused because of their similar compositions and purposes. Both brands are meant to deal with knee osteoarthritis and other orthopedic conditions that may cause significant discomfort to an individual. Hyaluronic acid in their compositions allows these products to provide fast, long-lasting results without any further complications.

For proper medication selection, we highly recommend discussing all the nuances with a doctor and having a consultation to plan a proper treatment. Only with the help of an experienced professional can you deal with knee pain and find the desired discomfort relief. And if you need high-quality osteoarthritis injections, Ogomed is always here to assist. Choose Ogomed as your reliable supplier to choose quality!