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RADIESSE 1.5ml by Merz is being used by doctors as an injectable gel for volume restoring and wrinkle appearance reducing and also to minimize the fold between the mouth and nose area. Radiesse adds volume to skin and is suitable for skin with light to deep wrinkles and facial atrophies. Collagen growth is provided by Calcium hydroxylapatite microspheres.

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Radiesse is a popular filler, which provides better lift and support because it is made of calcium hydroxylapatite particles which possesses better viscoelastic properties than hyaluronic acid. Except this Radiesse acts as a biostimulant of collagen, imparting long lasting benefits after the filler has been absorbed into the body.

This product should be used by medical professionals who are experienced and skilled in this area. Before the procedure starts please ask your patient about any possible allergic or hypersensitive reactions to the ingredients of Radiesse. Spot and mark the injection points and disinfect the needle using an appropriate anesthetic. Start the procedure and continue until the expected result is achieved.

The patient may experience a post procedure bruising redness and swelling which will pass within next one or two weeks.

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