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Brand Dysport

DYSPORT 300U 1 vial by Ipsen is an injectable botolinum type A used by medical professionals which comes in the form of lyophilized powder. It’s a complex of neurotoxin type which is purified. The neurotoxin itself consists of non-toxic hemagglutinin proteins, nonhemagglutinin protein and neurotoxin.

In most cases, it is used for treating the patient’s cervical dystonia, corrugator muscle activity, upper spasticity and lower limb.

OGOMED will supply You with authentic Dysport 300U in a sterile vial for a single use.

Every vial contains lyophilized abobotulinum toxin A, cow`s milk, protein lactose, and human serum albumin.

Before using Dysport 500U, firstly, please check the expiration date on the vial. It is preferred for this product to be stored in a refrigerator from 2°C to 8°C and not longer than 36 months. After opening it must be used for injecting within 24 hours. Keep in a place protected from light.

Before usage, the product must be reconstituted. The reconstitution process should begin with injecting an appropriate amount of sterile saline into the vial, which contains Dysport powder, and then mixing it.

Before the procedure starts, please ask your patients if they have allergy symptoms to any of the ingredients of Dysport 300U. The stated above also applies if they were suffering from allergy symptoms to any botulinum toxin products, cow’s milk or if they had skin infection. A medical professional who has experience doing it should perform the procedure itself.

You can buy Dysport 300U online from ogomed.com in the USA.


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