Botox 100u Non-English Packaging 1 Vial



Brand Botox

BOTOX 100U Non-English packaging 1 vial by Allergan is an injectable botolinum type A in the form of vacuum-dried powder supplied in a single-use vial. Botox 100U is injected by a medical professional in the patient’s muscle or skin to block neuromuscular transmission, to improve the look of their severe frown lines between the eyebrows and also for treating some symptoms of underarm sweating or neck pain with cervical dystonia. In most cases, patients want to veil or to slow their aging process by receiving treatments of this product.

OGOMED will supply You with authentic Botox 100U Non-English packaging in a sterile vial for single use.

Botox 100U showed amazingly high results going through different kinds of researches. This makes it one of the most popular and effective botolinum products on the market.

Doctors apply this product to patients, which are older than 18 years.

Before using Botox 100U at first, please check the expiration date on the vial. It is preferred for this product to be stored in a refrigerator from 2°C to 8°C and no longer than 36 months. The product must be reconstituted before using. The reconstitution process starts with injecting an appropriate amount of sterile unpreserved saline into the vial, which contains Botox powder, and mixing it. The received result should look clear, particulate-free and colorless to slightly yellow. It is preferred to be injected intramuscularly by using a sterile 30-gauge needle.

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