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Published: May 15, 2023

How Long Does Dysport Last?

It’s a well-known fact that Dysport is an effective brand-name medication often compared to Botox; it happens mainly because of the same active substance used for both injectables for used in medical and cosmetic treatments. To understand this product better, it’s essential to be aware of its main characteristics, durability being one of them (because how do you plan the appointment if you don’t know what to expect?).

That’s why today’s article on OgoMed’s blog is dedicated to Dysport injections and their longevity. All the most interesting topics are gathered on our website, along with high-quality products, so check everything out after reading. Buy botulinum products on Ogomed at the most advantageous price today for your clinic’s success!

The Definition of Dysport: What Should You Know?

Before discussing Dysport’s longevity, let’s understand its working principle and some general details better. This brand is famous for its muscle-relaxant qualities, as its active ingredient – botulinum toxin type A – is primarily used to block nerve endings in muscles and stop their contractions for some time. Thanks to this ability, Dysport is widely used in medical and cosmetic spheres.

Typically, the areas of dynamic wrinkles formation are targeted with this injectable; however, to be sure it will be effective, it’s always essential to discuss Dysport as a treatment option with a licensed medical professional.

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Cosmetic and Medical Uses

Dysport is a brand with numerous uses and purposes, making it incredibly popular in the beauty world. Its main job is to stop muscle contractions, so it works perfectly well for the goals of various natures. Here, we’ll look closely at some common cosmetic and medical issues that can be resolved with the help of these injections.

Aesthetic medicine sphere:

  • Treat fine lines in various zones (especially in the areas of the forehead lines, glabellar lines, eyes, and mouth);
  • Smooth out skin for people with active facial expressions;
  • Prevent dermis aging by stopping facial muscles contraction.

Regarding the medical purposes of Dysport, we should mention the followings:

  • Cervical dystonia (chronic neck pain);
  • Muscle spasticity and stiffness, typical for legs, arms, and hands;
  • Chronic migraines;
  • Twitchy eye syndrome;
  • And others.

An important note: For deeper creases and lines, dermal fillers should be used for anti-aging purposes. This way, hollow areas can be easily filled in, and the effect is achieved faster and more efficiently. 

More Details About the Effect

During the initial consultation regarding the Dysport treatment, all essential details should be discussed to ensure a patient has a clear understanding of the procedure, as well as its expectations and risks. One of the key factors here is, of course, the time needed for the product to work, as well as the overall longevity of this botulinum toxin type. So, let’s address these a little bit more.

How Long Does Dysport Filler Last?

The results of Dysport injectables are similar to the traditional Botox we used to associate with botulinum toxin type A products. If the appointment is successful and administration goes well, patients may expect up to 4 months of smooth skin and youthful appearance; afterward, nerve endings remain their activity, so additional administration sessions may be required to ensure the effect stays as long as an individual needs.

Sometimes, a dermal filler is used with Dysport to provide a better effect and positive treatment process. This way, facial wrinkles can be reduced, and their occurrence may be paused for three to four months. Many people find this combination preferable, as it demonstrates the most fabulous outcomes when it comes to static wrinkles reduction. Order Dysport online now to check out this formula in your clinic.how long dysport fillers last

How Long Till I See the Effect?

Most patients experience Dysport’s effect in a few stages; it varies from person to person, but usually, the process stays the same:

  • Almost all people experience local irritation after the administration, as the body requires some time to get used to a new substance. Also, needle puncturing the skin may be the reason for it. It’s essential to wait for all of these symptoms to disappear entirely to see the first hints of skin improvement (approximately 4-5 days after the appointment);
  • Around a week is needed to see the effect in all its glory. In case it doesn’t turn out as expected, a follow-up treatment is demanded to correct the appearance and reach the results expected from these pain-free injections.

To see the work of Botox and Dysport faster, it’s important to keep up with post-injection recommendations regarding one’s aftercare routine. These might be helpful:

  • Protect sensitive skin cells from damaging UV rays (apply SPF and avoid direct sunlight);
  • Drink plenty of water;
  • Don’t massage the target zone unless you are instructed to do so;
  • Stay away from overheated places;
  • Don’t take blood thinners to eliminate bruising and swelling;
  • Avoid gyms for a few days to prevent unwanted blood rush.

A doctor should be informed in case anything goes wrong with one’s recovery journey; this is the best way to guarantee a positive customer experience and safe healing. Dysport is an excellent minimally-invasive option for aging signs elimination; it works well for crow’s feet,

Adverse Reactions, Limitations, and Other Safety Information

Now that we know the answer to the question of “How long does Dysport last?”, let’s talk more about some essential safety information every patient should be aware of. The awareness of this topic will help to plan one’s aftercare routine correctly according to their skin type, treated zone, age, and other essential aspects.

First, let’s mention the main contraindications that must be discussed before the administration session. This way, it’s easier to define whether Dysport is safe for one’s needs, as well as calculate the required dose and number of procedures needed to reach the desired goal. So, what are the limitations we are talking about?

  • Known hypersensitivity regarding Dysport’s ingredients;
  • Wounded, irritated, or damaged skin in the target zone;
  • Recently performed cosmetic treatments in the area of choice;
  • Blood-clotting disorders;
  • Autoimmune diseases (including diabetes, epilepsy, oncology, and others);
  • Pregnancy or lactating period in women;
  • Etc.

Most patients can use this solution safely, even though there are some crucial exceptions. However, plenty of alternatives are available on the market, so it’s always possible to select a good variant to provide the desired effect to an individual.

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Common side effects of Dysport include temporary muscle weakness or paralysis in the treated area, which is the intended effect of the medication. However, it can sometimes lead to unintended muscle weakness in nearby muscles, causing drooping or asymmetry of facial features. Other common side effects may include bruising, pain, swelling, or redness at the injection site. A few days are typically enough for these to completely fade away and reveal Dysport’s true beauty.

In rare cases, more serious side effects may occur. These can include allergic reactions, such as itching, rash, or difficulty breathing. Some individuals may experience flu-like symptoms, headache, or muscle pain. There have also been reports of Dysport spreading to other areas of the body and causing botulism-like symptoms, although such instances are extremely rare. In the case of those, contacting a doctor is essential, as they must be taken care of as quickly as possible to avoid complications.

The Bottom Line: About Dysport’s Durability

Dysport has proven to be a durable and reliable treatment option for various medical and cosmetic conditions. With its unique formulation and advanced manufacturing techniques, Dysport offers prolonged effects and sustained benefits compared to other similar products. Clinical studies have demonstrated its effectiveness in reducing the appearance of wrinkles, managing muscle spasticity and alleviating certain neurological disorders. Moreover, the longevity of Dysport’s results allows for fewer treatment sessions and longer intervals between touch-ups, enhancing patient convenience and cost-effectiveness. As a result, Dysport continues to be a trusted choice for individuals seeking long-lasting and impactful solutions to their aesthetic and medical concerns.