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Published: April 5, 2024

The Insider’s Guide to Launching Your Career as a Botox Injector

If you are a regular reader of the Ogomed blog posts, you may have already noticed that we always emphasize the fact that Botox can only be purchased by board-certified professionals, as outstanding knowledge of human facial anatomy is required to perform a successful, safe treatment. To receive the certification, a person must go through special training followed by an examination that determines whether they are qualified to work with botulinum toxins. Today, we would like to discuss all the nuances in more detail so all interested in becoming professional Botox injectors can find answers to their questions.


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Who Is Allowed to Use Botox Injections in Their Practice?

To administer Botox safely, a medical professional must go through a special Botox training course to learn all the essentials about safe injection spots, muscles’ location and function, the correlation between various wrinkle types and muscles, and other important points. Just like dermal filler training, a person must complete a specially developed certification course. Who is allowed to do so and use Botox and dermal filler injections in their practices:

  • Registered nurses (and nurse practitioners);
  • Physicians (and physician assistants);
  • Dentists;
  • Aestheticians (skin care specialists);
  • Plastic surgeons;
  • Other experts with a proper medical qualification.

As you may see, only licensed specialists can pass Botox certification courses to perform Botox cosmetic treatments and administer botulinum toxin sessions for their patients. However, the requirements may vary based on one’s location, as each region has its own rules and demands. So, we recommend exploring this topic more before deciding to enter the aesthetic medicine sphere.

Reminder: In case you have already passed your certification, Ogomed can provide you with high-quality Botox, dermal fillers, and other cosmetic injectables. We have an excellent assortment of products and worldwide known brands in stock, so make sure to check out all the items before making this decision. 

How to Obtain Botox Certification?

In case you are a medical professional who is allowed to obtain Botox certification, you may be wondering how to do it correctly. We prepared a step-by-step guide so you won’t accidentally miss any essential points.

Reminder: If you complete Botox certification, you cannot use dermal fillers. To use this type of injectables, separate dermal filler training is required, as the administration spots, products’ working principles, and some other aspects are different for botulinum toxins. 

So, what are the essential steps we’re talking about?

  • Step 1. Find a Botox training course you like. The first thing to consider is choosing a suitable training course, as there are plenty of options nowadays. The reason is quite simple: skin rejuvenation procedures like Botox and dermal fillers are becoming increasingly popular every year, so good specialists are highly demanded in this sphere. Make sure each tiny detail is considered in the program to suit your needs perfectly and provide you with all the information that’s important for your practice;
  • Step 2. Make sure you can participate in the course by meeting their requirements. Before signing up for the training, go through the requirements to ensure you are allowed to be a part of them. Some courses demand more than just for you to be a medical professional; for instance, additional certifications may be needed, such as the ones that prove your knowledge of facial anatomy or circulatory system. Besides, there are places that demand several years of previous experience in the medical sphere to participate in the course. Only after making sure you meet the teacher’s requirements will you be able to sign up and participate in the learning process. On the bright side, there are always assistants who can answer your questions and ensure the course suits your needs;
  • Step 3. Complete the course. The last and most important step is to complete the course successfully. After all the training hours, you can be considered eligible to use botulinum toxins in their practice. A well-planned course should provide you with all the necessary information on the way Botox works, its dosing, particular administration spots, safety information, rules on how to act during crises, and other vital details.

Certified Botox injector

Is It Difficult to Start the Botox Business?

After you receive a certification that allows you to administer Botox injections, you may want to start your own cosmetology business. Even though it may be scary at first, by having proper instructions, you’ll have no problems figuring out all the essentials and starting your incredible journey as the Botox injector.

So, what should you do to start the Botox business?

  • #1. First things first, you should complete a Botox certification course to use the product legally. Even though we have already mentioned it, it’s still better to remind you about the importance of this step;
  • #2. To start your business, you need a proper business plan. There, you should consider various nuances regarding your future activities, such as whether you’ll be working alone or cooperating with someone, what the approximate number of clients expected per month is, what the price policy will be, and so on. Try to predict possible problems and find the solutions beforehand to avoid unpleasant surprises on your way;
  • #3. Finding a reliable supplier with high-quality Botox and advantageous prices is very important to start your business. There are plenty of frauds out there who can try and sell you counterfeit injectables or just out-of-date vials. That can cause plenty of problems for patients and is clearly dangerous, so ensuring your supplier is trustworthy is vital. Read the reviews online, talk to your colleagues, or cooperate with Ogomed! Thanks to years of experience, we know exactly how to provide the best experience to our clients, so ensure to check out our assortment if you are looking for injectables to use in your work.

Starting a new business can be scary, but it’s undoubtedly worth it. Seeing the happy smiles of your customers is a one-of-a-kind experience, and we believe that you can conquer any difficulties on your way. And Ogomed will be glad to provide you with all the best products to use in your practice!


Botox treatments can only be conducted by specially trained medical professionals; this is a requirement that cannot be ignored, as using Botox without a license is illegal and can be punished by law. In addition, no reliable supplier of injectables for cosmetic procedures would sell products to amateurs. If they do, chances are they are scammers who sell poor-quality items that may be harmful to those receiving the treatment. That’s why Ogomed only cooperates with board-certified professionals who can demonstrate their license number to prove their status. Please, don’t ignore this requirement and never buy from suppliers who don’t ask about your qualifications. Thank you for visiting the blog!