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Published: April 14, 2023

Sculptra vs. Radiesse: A Big Comparison

It’s the twenty-first century, which means reversing the aging process is possible without surgery! People all over the world search for the most effective treatment options, as the variety is impressive, and it may be challenging to pick just one. Dermal fillers, botulinum toxins, mesotherapy, thread lifting – the list goes on and on!

To make it easier to decide on the right brand for an individual, it’s essential to understand the primary differences between similar products; this way, the most effective option can be picked, and the treatment may be started. Today, we would like to talk more about two brands for volume loss and collagen production stimulation – Radiesse and Sculptra. Below, we left an easy explanation with all the essentials, so share this article with those who may find this topic useful!

Radiesse vs. Sculptra Formula

The first thing that should be mentioned when discussing the differences between Sculptra and Radiesse is, of course, the active substances of each dermal filler. Unlike traditional injectables, these two don’t include hyaluronic acid, which makes them stand out from other brands. A few words on the formula:

  • Radiesse. This facial injectable includes calcium particles, as the substance used in the product’s base is calcium hydroxylapatite (it is structurally similar to teeth and bones). This product belongs to the collagen biostimulators category; the particles of the injectable are embedded into the skin tissue, which promotes the growth of new tissues around them. Tiny calcium microspheres are accepted well by the body, so the chances of severe adverse reactions are minor;
  • Sculptra. This product for skin rejuvenation has poly-L-lactic acid in its base; it is a synthetic material, but it gets absorbed by the body after some time, so using this option is 100% safe. The same material is used for surgical stitches and sutures, and no doubt it can’t hurt a patient. Sculptra works in an exciting way: it uses an inflammatory response to increase collagen growth in the body. The triggered immune system creates fibroblasts that surround the filler as a foreign body to start the healing. As a result, they stimulate collagen production, as well as other valuable skin-firming proteins.

As you can see, even though the two brands use different active substances, their working principles are somewhat similar. They help the body produce collagen, which is essential for dealing with deep folds and sagging skin that may significantly spoil one’s appearance.

Treatment Areas

Speaking about the treatment area, targets affected by the facial aging for Radiesse and Sculptra vary slightly. Still, some similarities are present.

Radiesse is a thick injectable, making it unsuitable for areas with thin skin, such as the under-eye zone. However, it works well for correcting deep lines and creases, including nasolabial folds, chin wrinkles, marionette lines, etc. Hands volume may also be enhanced with its help.

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Sculptra is FDA-approved for areas with significant volume loss; it addresses deep folds and wrinkles, including smile lines, nasolabial folds, hollow temple zone, and others. Its off-label uses include hip dip correction and neck rejuvenation, but these treatments should be discussed with a medical professional to ensure they will be safe for an individual.Sculptra vs. Radiesse

Sculptra Filler vs. Radiesse Essential Characteristics

Now that we know the primary differences between Sculptra and Radiesse formulas let’s look closely at some other essential characteristics of both brands. Below, their results, longevity, and recovery, as well as some important limitations, will be discussed.


As you now understand, Sculptra and Radiesse dermal fillers are excellent for volume loss correction in numerous areas. They are perfect for addressing deep folds and can also work well for slight facial asymmetry correction. Besides, scars and post-acne marks may be eliminated with their help as well. Regarding durability, these two brands are slightly different.

Sculptra helps the body to release more collagen, so the effect stays even after the gel wears off completely. Overall, patients notice up to 24 months of excellent skin improvement and younger looks in general. Two years – not too bad for an injectable filler, isn’t it?

As for Radiesse, its results stay a little less compared to Sculptra. Fifteen months is usually the longest this brand can guarantee, which is still more impressive than the average effect of a traditional hyaluronic acid filler.

The dermal fillers’ longevity is one of the main reasons people choose them over surgeries. With just a few administration sessions, it’s easy to reach the looks of one’s dreams quickly and without waiting long for a full recovery. 

Downtime and Recovery

The downtime required after Sculptra and Radiesse is minimal; patients must wait until post-injection irritations like swelling, redness, and bruising are gone. Afterward, the effect is fully visible, as the filler settles under the skin rather quickly.

Some specialists recommend massaging the treated spot for at least five days after the injection session, but it’s possible only if the right technique is demonstrated to an individual in the doctor’s office. Otherwise, a person can spoil the effect unintentionally.

As for the recovery, it may be faster if certain recommendations are followed after the treatment. It includes avoiding overheated places and heavy exercising for a few days, using an ice pack on the target spot, always applying SPF, and avoiding medications with blood-thinning abilities for a week before and after the appointment.


Even though Sculptra and Radiesse are safe for most people, some limitations must be considered to ensure the treatment is safe and not followed by severe complications. There are not too many rules, but these conditions should be mentioned during the initial consultation:

  • Known allergies related to the fillers’ components;
  • A history of keloid formation or hypertrophic scarring;
  • Skin damage, irritation, or inflammation in the target area;
  • One’s poor general well-being (fever, weakness, headache, and other flu-like symptoms;
  • Age under 18.

Mind that it’s important to talk with a specialist if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, as it’s unknown how Radiesse and Sculptra may affect the baby. Typically, waiting until the child is old enough is recommended so the mother’s milk is not needed. Afterward, all cosmetic procedures may be performed safely.


Side effects after dermal fillers are normal and shouldn’t cause too many worries in patients. The body reacts to the injection and solution administered under the skin, and some time is required to adjust. However, recovery may be faster if some aftercare tips are considered and incorporated into one’s skincare routine. These are some of the most helpful recommendations:

  • Avoid sun exposure, apply SPF, and wear a hat to cover the face from harmful UV rays;
  • Don’t visit the gym for a few days, as strenuous exercising may cause unwanted filler migration and spoil the final effect;
  • Don’t take medications with blood-thinning abilities, as well as avoid alcohol and cigarettes for at least a few days;
  • To reduce swelling, use an ice pack (just don’t press it directly to the skin);
  • Don’t press on the treated zone to avoid product migration. However, if a doctor says it’s necessary and shows the proper technique to use at home – it’s allowed;
  • Don’t visit with excessive heat, like saunas, hot tubs, hot showers, and solariums, for at least a few days to prevent side effects from worsening.

If all the rules are followed properly, all adverse reactions should disappear within a few days, so patients can enjoy their improved looks to the fullest.

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Radiesse Filler vs. Sculptra. Which One Is Better?

Sculptra and Rediesse are two excellent collagen stimulators that can be useful for different patients. They are meant to restore volume in hollow facial areas and significantly improve one’s appearance. These dermal fillers are perfect for people with aged skin; even the deepest creases can be quickly filled in with these products.

There is no correct answer to the question of which brand is better. Everything is strictly individual here, so the best variant should be picked by a doctor according to a patient’s aesthetic requests and needs. Keep this information in mind when making your decision!