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Brand Nexplanon

Brand: Nexplanon

Manufacturer: Merck (MSD)

Country of Origin: Germany

Category: Contraceptive implant

Active Substance: Etonogestrel

Duration of Action: 3 years

Nexplanon 68 mg implant is one of the most advanced methods of birth control available in the OB-GYN market these days. It is beloved by numerous patients all over the world, mainly because of its safety, effectiveness, and reliability. The below-mentioned text features general information, indications, contraindications, side effects, and after-treatment recommendations on the product. Feel free to check it out right away!

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General Information

Nexplanon is a contraceptive implant that has been designed for effective birth control. After being inserted into a patient’s arm, it is a tiny plastic rod that releases a small amount of etonogestrel hormone into a patient’s blood. As a result, the product makes the viscosity of a patient’s cervical mucus resistant to sperm calls and, therefore, minimizes the chance of a patient getting pregnant.

While being manufactured in Germany by Merck (MSD), the Nexplanon etonogestrel implant 68 mg is produced as a result of the company’s experience and innovation. Therefore, it is an advanced hormonal contraceptive method that helps thousands of patients worldwide to protect themselves from unwanted pregnancies.

Due to the fact that Nexplanon belongs to products intended for professional use, its insertion and removal procedures should be performed exclusively by a certified healthcare provider with a valid medical license. When injected in the right way, a patient should not feel the presence of the implant beneath their skin.

Moreover, the Nexplanon implant belongs to exceptionally advantageous hormonal contraceptives. Its main benefits are the following:

  • Simple removal and insertion process. Namely, the product has to be implanted under the skin of a patient’s upper arm (from the inner side) with the help of a minimally invasive procedure. The removal of the implant is also quite an easy process;
  • Extremely high effectiveness. According to the statistics, Nexplanon provides a patient with more than 99% of efficiency;
  • Durable result. Typically, a patient gets 3 years of protection against unwanted pregnancy after the implant insertion by a certified healthcare provider;
  • Quick reversibility. Under normal circumstances, a patient might get pregnant within 3 to 4 weeks after the implant removal;
  • And so on.

Moreover, the Nexplanon implant (68 mg) might be used as a method of emergency contraception. In order to stop the unintended pregnancy, Nexplanon should be inserted as soon as possible after unprotected sex.

At the same time, however, Nexplanon has several drawbacks, namely:

  • It belongs to hormonal contraceptives and, therefore, might cause weight changes (gain or loss) and other body changes related to hormonal jumps;
  • It cannot protect a patient from sexually-transmitted diseases, such as HIV, gonorrhea, or chlamydia;
  • It can cause changes in a patient’s menstrual bleeding patterns by making them either heavier or lighter;
  • And so on.

A safety note: One essential precondition for the product’s efficiency is to have a healthcare provider insert Nexplanon properly. Please note that improperly inserted, broken, or bent implants are serious health risk factors that have to be avoided.


Using Nexplanon might be a reasonable choice for those patients who are looking for a long-lasting and effective method to protect themselves from unwanted pregnancies. More precisely, the insertion of Nexplanon hormonal contraceptives is indicated for people who would like to try out a safe, durable, and effective birth control option that does not depend on daily, weekly, and even monthly intake of a contraceptive.

A safety note: In some cases, Nexplanon is inserted if a patient would like to change their menstrual bleeding pattern. However, it is not the primary aim of the product.


Nexplanon hormonal contraceptives should not be used if a patient has any of the following contraindications:

  • If a patient is pregnant (except for cases when the product is inserted as a method of emergency contraception immediately after the unprotected sex);
  • If a patient is currently using any other hormonal way of preventing pregnancy. In other words, “Nexplanon plus the intake of any other hormone” is the combination hormonal contraceptive users should avoid;
  • If a patient has an allergy to any component of the radiopaque etonogestrel implant;
  • If a patient experiences a serious health complication (for instance, deep vein thrombosis, pulmonary embolism, undiagnosed abnormal genital bleeding pattern, retinal vein thrombosis, liver disease, or high blood pressure);
  • If a patient has recently undergone endovascular or surgical procedures;
  • If a patient has a family history of cervical cancer;
  • And so on.

A safety note: In case of its inappropriate insertion and removal, Nexplanon might lead to a neural or vascular injury. On top of that, a patient might develop breast nodules. Thus, the insertion or removal of Nexplanon is contraindicated without a thorough medical investigation beforehand.

Side Effects

Among the most widely-spread side effects after the insertion of Nexplanon fluid retention hormonal contraceptives are the following ones:

  • Changes in the menstrual cycle (it might become heavier, lighter, or even disappear);
  • Acne;
  • Breast hypersensitivity;
  • Weight change (gain or loss);
  • Mood swings;
  • Lower abdominal pain;
  • High blood pressure;
  • And so on.

In rare cases, a 68 mg Nexplanon might lead to such serious adverse reactions in a patient’s body as:

  • Ectopic pregnancy;
  • Unexplained vaginal bleeding;
  • Deep venous thrombosis;
  • And so on.

A safety note: If any of the above-mentioned side effects (especially ectopic pregnancies) occur after the insertion of Nexplanon, a patient should contact a healthcare provider as soon as possible. Some of them might also occur quite a while after the product has been inserted. They might serve as warning signals that allude to a broken or bent implant.

After-Treatment Recommendations

All recommendations after the insertion of Nexplanon implantat 68 mg have a rather individual character. Therefore, a healthcare provider should provide a patient with them in an individual order as soon as the implant has been inserted.

A safety note: In order to minimize the risk of a broken implant of Nexplanon etonogestrel 68 mg and avoid possible complications, a patient should attentively follow the after-treatment recommendations given by their healthcare provider.

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