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Published: November 25, 2022

How Long Until You Can Workout After Lip Fillers ?

Lip fillers are unique products specialists choose as an effective, natural-looking alternative to plastic surgery and other complicated procedures for lip enhancement. They are pretty easy to administer and, thanks to a beneficial composition of the products, safe for different types of patients.

As with all cosmetic treatments, lip filler injections have certain rules regarding the permission for administration, pre- and post- injection recommendations, procedure protocol, and other crucial nuances. Today, we would like to discuss a sometimes controversial topic of whether it is safe to exercise after a lip filler treatment. It caused many discussions, so we think it’s time to answer this question. Let’s begin!

Let’s Discuss Lip Fillers

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Lip injections belong to a new, efficient way of lip enhancement, shaping, contour improvement, and general perfection of an individual’s looks. The most common substance used in the base of these fillers is cross-linked hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin; its formulation, gentle density, and general smoothness make the administration session incredibly easy and non-problematic at all. Not to mention lidocaine is typically added to such products for a fluent, painless, and comfortable injection.

Just like a dermal filler treatment, lip fillers are able to provide long-lasting results (some patients experience up to eighteen months of beneficial appearance improvement), which just need a maintenance injection session to support the effect. Moreover, this cosmetic beauty procedure is much more affordable than plastic surgeries; just like that, one appointment costs between $300 and $800 (the price varies based on a customer’s individual needs and aesthetic goals). And let’s not forget about the overall safety of this wonderful procedure; adverse reactions after the injection session are minimal, and the recovery period takes just a few days if all doctor’s aftercare recommendations are not ignored.Lip Fillers

How Can Exercising Affect Lip Filler Results?

As strenuous exercise is now a part of many people’s routines, a lot of patients who want to use hyaluronic acid lip fillers wonder whether it’s safe to exercise after the injection session. Well, the good news is you won’t need to stop this type of physical activity for a long time; however, it is still crucial to pause in order not to hurt yourself or affect the results of the treatment. But why is it important to take a break from exercising after such cosmetic procedures?

The thing is, while training, blood flow increases in the human body; because of that, adverse reactions may become more severe and cause significant discomfort to an individual. Not to mention that all side effects may require more time to disappear fully after a workout, it may negatively affect the blood pressure, and a person will need the help of a professional if this issue is not controlled on time. Now, let’s have a closer look at other possible problems.

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#1. The Filler’s Effect May Wear Off Faster

Both filler and Botox injections may have trouble providing desired youthful looks and fuller lips if the individual exercises heavily right after the treatment. All because the product doesn’t have enough time to settle, as well as can shift from the intended administration zone. So, giving yourself a break from training for at least a week or so is highly recommended.

#2. If You Don’t Avoid Strenuous Exercise, You May Not Get Desired Results

As we have already mentioned, if you exercise heavily right after the procedure is finished, it may lead to the filler shifting under the skin. Thus, if you want to boost lips volume, it may turn out uneven, asymmetrical, and not attractive at all.

#3. The Chances of Bruising Become Higher

And overall, a patient will more likely experience severe adverse reactions that will need more time to disappear entirely. When exercise after lip fillers, you may accidentally damage blood vessels; thus, injection site reactions will require more time to heal correctly (we are talking about such inconveniences as bruising, swelling, redness, and other symptoms). So, don’t forget to give yourself some rest.

#4. You May Infect the Target Area

Exercising, as well as other activities that can cause excessive sweating, should be postponed for at least two days to reduce the chances of getting an infection. The bacteria can enter through the injection spot, so specialists recommend keeping it safe and clean to preserve one’s well-being.

Before and After Filler Recommendations

Any type of cosmetic procedure, whether it’s a dermal filler or Botox treatment, has certain recommendations regarding a patient’s actions before and after the injection session; those are important because they may define the overall success of the treatment, as well as have a beneficial effect on one’s well-being. Below, we will mention the best recommendations that may be quite helpful for those who want to try anti-wrinkle injections.

Pre-Treatment Time

The most common recommendations regarding pre-treatment skincare include the following aspects:

  • Don’t exercise for a day before the appointment. Training may increase blood flow of an individual and raise the chances of getting bruised after the filler administration;
  • Stop taking medications with blood-thinning abilities a week before the procedure. It includes aspirin, Ibuprofen, vitamin E, a high dose of fish oil, and some herbal supplements. It’s better to discuss this step with a doctor as some people need these medicines to preserve their health;
  • Don’t drink alcohol at least two days before the injection session. Just like some medications, alcohol has blood-thinning abilities, which may lead to certain problems during the lip area injection.

In case there are any doubts or concerns about the treatment session, it is better to talk with a specialist to discuss all the issues. In this way, a person will be more prepared for the procedure and experience less discomfort.

Post-Injection Aftercare

Speaking about lip filler aftercare, there are some recommendations that can make the recovery process much faster and decrease overall discomfort caused by post-treatment irritations:

  • Apply ice to the treated zone to reduce swelling (but wrap it into the piece of cloth first);
  • Drink plenty of water and keep up with a healthy diet;
  • Don’t rub the area and don’t apply pressure to it;
  • Avoid overheated places (such as steam rooms, hot tubs, solarium, etc.);
  • Don’t smoke or drink alcohol;
  • Don’t take blood-thinning remedies.

Of course, this list may vary based on certain individual health peculiarities, so it is always better to discuss aftercare routine with a doctor to make sure all nuances are considered and not ignored.

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To Sum Up: About Post-Filler Workouts

Lip filler is a product that requires a delicate application and precise injection technique to reach desired effects and attractive, seductive looks. In order to see the results faster, it is crucial to follow a well-planned aftercare routine that should be discussed with a medical professional. One of the most common recommendations is to take a break from heavy exercise. It should be done because of numerous reasons, but possible filler migration and extreme bruising are the worst ones. So, we advise you to always stay in touch with a specialist and inform them as soon as you notice any severe adverse reactions after the lip filler. Thank you for visiting our blog; stay safe!