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Published: November 22, 2022

How Long Does It Take for Filler to Settle?

The twenty-first century is famous for the drastic development of numerous spheres: technology, medicine, education, and plenty of others. And the cosmetic beauty sphere is not an exception as well! Thanks to many studies, there is finally a way to improve one’s appearance without the need for dangerous, complicated plastic surgeries; dermal filler treatments – an excellent alternative for people who want to correct minor age-related skin imperfections but are not willing to let a doctor cut their skin. However, even though dermal fillers can last for a long time, some time is still needed for them to settle properly in the dermal tissue and demonstrate maximum effectiveness. In today’s article, we would like to discuss this factor in more detail to expand the knowledge of those who are interested in aesthetic medicine. So, without further ado, let’s start the talk!

At Ogomed, it is possible to buy dermal fillers of different natures to use in the clinic, but a person has to be a board-certified professional to do so. Otherwise, the usage of injectables can be considered illegal and dangerous for patients.

How Much Time Is Needed for Different Filler Brands to Settle?

Dermal filler injections are pretty similar when it comes to such things as adverse reactions, aftercare, or contraindication list. The same thing with the time required for the product to settle fully; overall, up to two weeks are needed for side effects to disappear fully and for the gel to adjust under the skin. However, there are some slight dissimilarities caused by different ingredient lists and dosages in various brands, so we believe it is better to have a closer look at those:

  • Juvederm – As a hyaluronic acid-based injectable, Juvederm works well for wrinkles and lines reduction. Even though the volumizing effect becomes noticeable almost immediately, up to 2 weeks are still needed for the results to settle. By the way, you can order Juvederm in the US by placing an order on the Ogomed website;

  • Restylane – One more brand that uses hyaluronic acid as an active ingredient. It’s more suitable for moderate to severe creases, as well as lip enhancement. Fourteen days are required for it to demonstrate the best effect;

  • Radiesse – This product is perfect for not only facial skin rejuvenation but for hands, too. It boosts collagen production in the body, thus attracting water molecules and hydrating dry skin. The results become visible immediately, and between one and two weeks are required for the gel to settle fully;

  • Sculptra – Unlike all the fillers mentioned above, Sculptra is a collagen stimulator, so up to four months may be needed for the body to renew this process. However, it’s absolutely worth waiting because people may enjoy younger looks for up to two years after the treatment.

Even though the results are almost immediately visible in most fillers, it is still better to follow the aftercare instructions to make a recovery much faster. There are also some general recommendations which we are going to mention below.dermal filler

Is It Possible to Make the Recovery Process Faster?

The best thing a patient can do for their skin is to pay close attention to side effects to inform the doctor as soon as something feels wrong. It can relate to different things, namely painful sensations in the insertion spot, signs of filler migration, severe allergies, and others. It is also better to let a specialist know if adverse reactions are not gone after a week.

Speaking about useful tips that can make a recovery faster, we discussed them in more detail in the “Procedure Protocol” paragraph, so continue reading to learn more!

Why Do Some Fillers Need So Much Time to Settle?

Dermal fillers were created as an alternative to plastic surgery to improve one’s looks quickly without the need to go under the knife. However, for some products, a lot of time is still needed to settle fully and show the effects in all their glory, and many patients don’t understand why. Well, there are actually two main reasons:

  • Some time is needed to boost collagen production (thus, improving the hydration level of the dermis). Only after a hyaluronic acid filler is fully settled, it can start interacting with the water in the body and boost dry skin;

  • A filler may need to be adjusted. That means a person may notice slight asymmetry in their face after the results become visible. In this case, an additional treatment session is required to readjust the gel and have an extra shot (if needed).

Procedure Protocol and All Important Steps

All hyaluronic acid fillers should be administered according to previously-created and known procedure protocol in order to be considered safe, effective, and not dangerous. That’s why we decided to include it in the article – to make sure people are aware of all essential steps and can notice if anything goes wrong during the procedure.


Before the injection session, a medical professional should have a closer look at the target area to create an effective treatment plan for an individual. The number of filler units should also be calculated based on the final goals of a patient, the size of the facial zone, the depth of the wrinkles, and other important factors.

Patients can try some home-based tips to help the procedure be smoother as well:

  • Stop taking blood-thinning medications (like aspirin or Ibuprofen) and certain herbal extracts;

  • Don’t drink alcohol a few days before the filler administration;

  • Don’t use other treatments in the target area (for example, chemical peels, laser procedures, etc.).

During the Injection Session

When the filler treatment starts, a nurse should clean the treated zone to remove makeup, natural oils, dust, and other external pollutants. Afterward, a topical numbing cream is usually applied to make sure all unpleasant sensations caused by the needle puncture are eliminated to the maximum. After all the previous steps are finished, a doctor may administer dermal filler under the skin to fill deep creases and restore lost facial volume. Sometimes, they may also massage target spots to spread out the gel evenly and make sure there are no bumps or lumps.

Post-Treatment Recommendations

Some individuals don’t know that, but it is possible to make the recovery process faster by using a correct aftercare routine. And even though all methods are strictly individual and should only be applied after the consultation with a specialist, there are some general recommendations we can share. For example:

  • Limit exercise. Don’t stop training fully, but pause for a few days to avoid possible filler migration and other severe adverse reactions;

  • Don’t drink alcohol. Wine and other alcoholic beverages have blood-thinning abilities, which can be bad for the healing process, so it is better to control yourself;

  • Avoid sun exposure to protect the skin. Damaging UV rays are extremely harmful to individuals who have just had a filler injection because their skin is incredibly sensitive after the procedure. That’s why we highly recommend applying sunscreen to create a protective barrier for the dermis;

  • Avoid overheated places. We are talking about saunas, solariums, hot tubs, and others;

  • Don’t rub or massage your face for some time. It will help to avoid accident filler migration;

  • Apply ice to the injection spot to reduce swelling. It is not recommended to apply ice directly; better to wrap it in a soft cloth.

If all recommendations are followed correctly, all adverse reactions should be gone in a few days maximum so that a person can return to their everyday routine in no time.

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Possible Uses for Injectable Dermal Fillers

Injectable Dermal Fillers

Fillers are among the most durable products in the cosmetic beauty industry (the results last up to a year), so they are preferred not only as an alternative for wrinkles elimination. Specialists prefer to use those for the following purposes:

  • Lip enhancement. Lip fillers are very popular among patients because, with their help, it is possible to not only make them juicier but also to improve the shape and minor imperfections around the mouth;

  • Age-related volume loss correction. It may apply to such zones as the chin, cheeks, under-eye hollows, and others;

  • Facial contouring. Facial definition is one more popular procedure not so many people are aware of. Chin and cheeks contouring, nose bridge correction, and other useful procedures can be performed by using dermal fillers.

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The Bottom Line: Required Time for Fillers to Settle

Dermal fillers belong to the most popular methods of skin rejuvenation nowadays; they are safe, durable, and can provide natural-looking results to people with practically any skin type. They require some time to settle (up to two weeks) and can last for up to a year (sometimes even up to two years). Thus, if you are interested in this skin improvement method, we highly recommend talking to a medical professional to ensure it is suitable for your individual case. Take care!