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Published: June 29, 2023

Belotero Under Eyes: Erase Shadows, Embrace Radiance!

What is the first zone affected by prominent lines and wrinkles? Due to some natural processes in the body (elastin and collagen production reduction in particular), skin becomes thinner, saggier, and people may notice unwanted changes in their appearance. As the skin under the eyes is the most delicate, it’s only logical that it’s the first area affected by the aging process. However, if there is a problem – there is a solution, and today we are going to discuss one of them in this article.

Belotero dermal fillers – an excellent way to deal with skin imperfections without going through invasive operations demanding durable recovery and plenty of money. This product works well for numerous aesthetic needs, making it one of cosmetic medicine’s most popular and widely used brands. In this article, we would like to discuss this injectable and how it may help rejuvenate delicate skin in the under-eye region.

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Why Do Eyes Need Special Care?

As skin loses collagen, the aging process becomes more noticeable, and one’s appearance may change drastically in a very short time. And typically, the first area to age is around the eyes because thin skin there is prone to wrinkles and dark circles formation. On top of that, blood vessels become more noticeable, so a person may look tired or even sick.

To deal with this issue, dermal filler therapy is an excellent option to rejuvenate one’s looks, restore lost volume, and erase annoying flaws typical for this area. Below, we are going to discuss how exactly anyone can benefit from Belotero in more detail.

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More About Belotero for Under Eyes

Belotero is a unique product perfectly suitable for practically any facial area; as it’s a hyaluronic acid filler, it is considered safe and effective, so many individuals choose it as their regular solution for preventing aging signs. The best thing about this brand is that it’s available in various formulations (both with and without lidocaine), and it’s easy to select the best-performing product to reach desired aesthetic results with just a few injection sessions.

Why Does It Work So Well Around the Eyes?

Belotero is a lightweight gel meant to be administered into the upper layer of the dermis, making it an excellent option for superficial lines and wrinkles treatment. The brand offers various injectables, each differing in active substance concentration and density, so numerous cosmetic needs may be fulfilled with its help. Belotero Soft is typically picked for a sensitive under-eye region, and it mimics the needed shape perfectly, allowing the doctor to spread the product evenly under the skin and work with the product efficiently.belotero injection

What Does the Treatment Look Like?

Belotero, just like all other dermal fillers, is extremely easy to use. Before the procedure, a person must consult with a doctor and discuss all the essential details, including one’s medical history, aesthetic desires, current skin condition, and other aspects. As the preparation is over, the treatment itself may begin.

The treated spot must be cleaned carefully and covered with a topical numbing cream to ensure there are no unpleasant sensations during the injection. Next, Belotero gel is administered into the previously-defined spots with small infusions to guarantee a smooth product spread under the skin. As a final step, a specialist may also massage the area gently to ensure the filler reaches all lines and creases, as well as fills them in perfectly.

When Can I See the Effect?

One of the best things about hyaluronic acid dermal fillers from the Belotero range is that they are long-lasting yet still demonstrate the effect rather quickly. Typically, patients can see the improvement right after the product is administered; with time, it only gets better and is noticeable in all its glory after the gel settles appropriately in the target zone. Sometimes, a few hours (or days) are needed for all topical adverse reactions to fade away (such as swelling, redness, bruising, and so on).

After the procedure, people may expect six to twelve months of effectiveness. Of course, it varies from person to person, and the durability depends on numerous factors, so these must be considered beforehand to calculate the best treatment schedule for a patient. Remember about one’s age, the severity of wrinkles, body peculiarities, and dermal filler density to determine the approximate durability Belotero can provide for one’s individual case.

Does Belotero Work for Crow’s Feet?

To purchase dermal fillers online, you must be a licensed medical professional. Otherwise, you won’t be able to place an order on this website. 

Dermal fillers work exceptionally well when it comes to skin rejuvenation and wrinkles elimination. However, there are better choices than Belotero when it comes to crow’s feet treatment. These small lines appear in the outer eyes’ corners when we squint, smile, or do other repetitive facial expressions. The best way to address them is by using botulinum toxin injections meant to relax muscles, block their contractions, and pause the occurrence of dynamic wrinkles on the facial surface.

More About Belotero Filler Under-Eyes Benefits

Now that we know more about Belotero and its abilities let’s discuss the main benefits of this brand in more detail. Of course, we all know that it works well for numerous purposes, and many individuals can use it for their needs; still, it’s better to list all the positive characteristics of this product to make it easier to decide on the right option for one’s fine lines treatment!

Natural-Looking Results

Thanks to the Belotero formula, the final results don’t look artificial; in the end, the gel highlights one’s appearance, enhances beauty, and erases annoying lines and wrinkles that spoil youthful looks. The product spreads evenly under the skin, mimicking one’s facial expressions, so a person doesn’t look “frozen.”

Convenient Procedure

Belotero treatment is fast, non-invasive, and it takes minimal time for a person to recover fully after the procedure. The injection session takes an hour at maximum, and patients can return to their normal duties right after it’s finished. On top of that, adverse reactions are typically minimal after Belotero, so there is no need to be worried about durable and unpleasant recovery.

Long-Lasting Improvement

After the Belotero administration is finished, patients may expect long-lasting results and noticeable skin improvement. Overall, the final effect continues for approximately a year, and it may be prolonged with the help of timely scheduled appointments in the doctor’s office. This factor typically depends on numerous aspects, including a person’s age, initial aesthetic request, skin condition, and others. Based on that, the right dosage of Belotero must be selected, as well as the frequency of the procedures.

Results Can Be Corrected

All hyaluronic acid fillers can be dissolved if a person doesn’t like the final result, and that’s one of the best things about these products. The effect of Belotero may be dissolved with the help of a special solution called hyaluronidase, and it’s created to break down hyaluronic acid molecules and force them to be absorbed by the body tissues faster. This way, an individual may return to their pre-treatment appearance in just a few days.

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It May Be Combined with Other Procedures

To ensure the skin looks youthful and glowing after the injection session, some specialists recommend combining Belotero with other cosmetic procedures. It includes other dermal filler brands, botulinum injectables, mesotherapy sessions, and others. The best way to choose the right addition is by talking to a medical specialist to define the right option based on one’s needs. It’s also the only way to plan the safest treatment to preserve a patient’s well-being and health.

To Sum Up: Belotero Under Eyes Before and After

Belotero is an excellent option for the sensitive under-eye area; the gel is smooth and has low density, so it works perfectly for skin rejuvenation around the eyes, as well as for some other cosmetic purposes. To create the best treatment schedule for one’s needs, it’s highly recommended to talk to a medical professional and discuss all available options with them. Hopefully, today’s article answered some of your questions. Stay safe!