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Published: March 28, 2024

Joint Health Solutions: Examining Euflexxa vs. Cortisone Therapies

Knee osteoarthritis can be a real challenge sometimes. Most people notice how it’s affecting their lives pretty quickly after the condition has been diagnosed, as it changes some basic routines in our schedules: some people have trouble running or walking, and others can’t perform their gym routine as well as they used to. This is the main reason why searching for a perfect treatment option that can fulfill one’s medical needs is vital for preserving one’s quality of life on a decent level. When physical therapy stops being effective and oral medications are not as helpful as they used to be anymore, that’s where gel injections become quite handy. Today, we want to discuss two options that work well for treating chronic knee pain: Euflexxa and cortisone. Even though they vary, the results are still decent, and most patients notice the improvement pretty early on their journey.


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Hyaluronic Acid Injections vs. Cortisone Injection

To understand all the basics about cortisone and Euflexxa, we believe it’s better to discuss each injection in more detail. We’ll highlight all the points that should be mentioned to patients during the consultation, as well as remember to create a safe treatment plan for an individual. Without further ado, let’s begin!

Euflexxa Essentials to Keep in Mind

Euflexxa is a hyaluronic acid injection by Ferring Pharmaceuticals Inc. manufacturer. This gel-like medication is mainly used to treat knee arthritis, as it mimics synovial fluid between joints perfectly, acting like a lubricant and shock absorber. Even though this product is primarily prescribed to treat knee regions, it also works perfectly for shoulders, hips, and other zones that tend to be affected by arthritis.

The brand’s base contains sodium hyaluronate, which is very similar to the component naturally present in the human body. This provides fast results and minimal chances of discomfort or complications after the administration session. Just one intra-articular injection may significantly improve one’s quality of life, not to mention the full course of the Euflexxa treatment. The average results’ longevity is six months, but the number may vary based on certain peculiarities, including a patient’s age, the severity of their health condition, certain features of the organism, and other essential factors. To set realistic expectations, it’s highly recommended to have a discussion with a doctor and point out all the health peculiarities that may affect the treatment’s course.

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Cortisone’s Main Features

Corticosteroid knee injections belong to anti-inflammatory products for people troubled with osteoarthritis. This is a steroid injection, so a patient must be carefully observed before being prescribed to use it, as this solution may cause problems if used incorrectly.

Corticosteroids are actually naturally present in the human body; it’s produced by adrenal glands on top of the kidneys. After the treatment, inflammation, redness, and swelling are reduced, so patients experience significant relief. The effect should be prominent within a week or two after the session, and may last for about three months.

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How Effective Is Each Injection?

Now that we know all the essentials let’s explore the amazing qualities that allow Euflexxa and cortisone to demonstrate excellent results in controlling knee osteoarthritis. To pick the best option for a patient, you must consider all the pros and cons, so let’s look closely at how exactly can people benefit from each product:

  • Cortisone. Talking about corticosteroid injections, they provide outstanding results within one to two weeks after the initial treatment. The average longevity is three months, but this option may not work at all for some individuals. However, there is a negative side effect we should warn you about. Some studies demonstrated that cortisone can lead to more profound cartilage loss if used repeatedly for a long time, guaranteeing one’s need for joint replacement later in life. Still, it can be used if a specialist says so; however, it must be administered carefully by ultrasound guidance to ensure the precise location of steroid injections;
  • Euflexxa. These hyaluronic acid knee injections are among the most popular variants for treating knee osteoarthritis. For some patients, it takes up to four weeks to see the improvement, but the average longevity is six months, so the results are definitely worth waiting for. As this gel acts like a protective cushion between the affected joints, it provides excellent pain reduction, eliminating most of the uncomfortable arthritis symptoms. However, patients should be very careful if they choose Euflexxa, as they can hurt themself if they don’t wait for the product to settle in the target area. Still, this intra-articular hyaluronic acid injection is one of the most popular options on the market.

Which Is Better for Knee Pain: Euflexxa or Cortisone?

To understand which product suits one’s needs best, you should consider a few factors:

  • Hyaluronic acid injections work better for individuals with slightly swollen joints or not swollen at all. They make one’s motions smoother, reducing unpleasant sensations and tension between targeted joints. Plus, the results last for a long time: in some people – up to a year. It’s a perfect option for ex-sportsmen or dancers who suffer from reduced cartilage between the knee joints;
  • Cortisone injections vary slightly when it comes to the treatment purpose. It is helpful for patients with swollen and painful joints, typically affected by a certain disease, such as acute gout. Still, it cannot provide a decent effect for a long time: three months generally is the longest it can work. Besides, frequent cortisone injections may have harmful consequences, so the product should be used carefully and after a thorough examination in the doctor’s office.

Overall, the best treatment option for osteoarthritis must always be chosen according to one’s needs and current health situation. Other factors must also be considered before deciding on the best treatment option: the severity of the condition, a patient’s age, the current treatment program, and others. And, of course, don’t forget the importance of a balanced diet and regular exercising; even though people with knee osteoarthritis cannot try heavy exercising, staying active is helpful. Consider swimming, yoga, or other mild activities.


Even though Euflexxa and cortisone injections are different in their cores and vary in their working principles, the priority of both treatments is to eliminate painful sensations while moving for people with knee osteoarthritis. Still, specialists recommend avoiding cortisone unless you have a swollen joint, as this hormone may cause problems if used incorrectly or in the wrong dosage. For a safer experience, it’s better to start with a hyaluronic injection course and consider alternatives only if this option doesn’t work as expected. In case you’re a board-certified medical professional who wants to buy Euflexxa, you can purchase it on the Ogomed website at advantageous prices. Contact the customer support team if you need assistance or have any questions regarding the product, prices, or other nuances of our work. Stay safe out there!