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Published: November 15, 2023

How Long Does It Take for Durolane Injection to Work?

If you decided to read this article, you are probably aware of such a disease as knee osteoarthritis. This chronic illness is primarily caused by the breaking down of the cartilage in joints. As a result, people experience pain while moving, especially in the knee, shoulders, and hips region. Luckily, modern medications allow curing this condition fully, allowing people to stay active, live a complete life, and forget about painful sensations caused by OA knee pain. Durolane is one of the magnificent brands often selected for treatment sessions to restore lost cartilage and create a pain-absorbing cushion between joints.

One of the main questions people ask when considering Durolane as their primary medication in the treatment plan is how fast they can feel the effect after the injection. That’s understandable, as this factor has a direct influence on one’s life quality, so today, we would like to uncover this topic and explain all the essentials about Durolane’s longevity, working principles, and the general usefulness of the injectable.

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The Definition of Durolane for a Knee Joint

Durolane – a product manufactured by Bioventus; this company is well-known for its orthopedic solutions, so those searching for high-quality and effective products to reduce knee pain will surely benefit from it. This gel helps restore lost hyaluronic acid and creates a pain-absorbing cushion between joints to make movement less painful for an individual. The number of injections needed for Durolane treatment, the concentration of the gel, and other essentials must be calculated by a medical professional during the consultation in the doctor’s office. More than one injection is required sometimes; it can be defined after 2 weeks once the product is fully settled in the target area. Some people find Durolane more helpful if combined with other hyaluronic acid preparations; still, all these nuances must be discussed with a specialist when planning the treatment session.

What Areas Can Be Treated with Durolane Injections?

Most people know Durolane as a knee pain injection, and they are not wrong. Indeed, many specialists use this brand to help customers with knee mobility conditions. However, that’s not the only region Durolane can be used for; doctors may administer Durolane in these areas:

  • Hip joints;
  • Finger and thumb joints;
  • Shoulder joints;
  • And so on.

People can spend less time seeking pain relief and more time living the full life if they choose Durolane as their main medication. The chances of complications are low with this brand due to the beneficial composition of the gel, so it’s a safe option even for those with the most sensitive organisms.

How Long Does It Take to Notice the Effect?

As with most hyaluronic acid injections, Durolane lasts longer than a year. This substance settles perfectly in the body and rarely causes severe adverse reactions, as it’s naturally present in the organism. Thus, not long is needed for the gel to settle properly. If used for mobility improvement or as a supporting treatment after a knee replacement surgery, the first results should be noticeable after three to five days. Still, it’s better to be careful and wait for at least two weeks to get back to one’s usual activities, like running, jogging, or exercising. Sometimes, more than one session is required to provide the desired effect, so it’s better to discuss this topic with a medical professional to ensure everything goes well during the recovery. A detailed treatment plan is key to a successful procedure!

Is Durolane Long-Lasting?

The average longevity of Durolane for joint pain is fifteen months. Hyaluronic acid is absorbed by the body cells with time, and it’s important to have regularly planned maintenance treatments to ensure a patient can still feel the pain-relieving effect. However, the longevity sometimes varies because of some external and internal factors. Just like that, people should remember their age, severity of knee osteoarthritis, diseases, and more essentials about themselves; on the other hand, the environment they live in, lifestyle, diet, and other nuances are also critical here.

One of the positive features of Durolane injections is the fact they tend to expand their effect if a person uses them for a long time. Plus, they may be more effective if used together with a steroid injection. We understand that this step is not suitable for everybody, so this nuance is better discussed in a doctor’s office during the consultation. And, of course, the healthier a person – the easier the procedure will be. Incorporating a healthy diet into one’s routine, staying active, avoiding stress, and going through medical check-ups regularly are essential to controlling osteoarthritis and preserving one’s mobility properly.

Safety Rules to Administer Durolane Properly

Durolane repeated injections belong to professional medications, meaning they can only be used by educated specialists who have a perfect knowledge of the human anatomy. It also means that patients cannot buy it over the counter in the local pharmacy to use it at home later. Infusion must be performed in a sterile doctor’s office after giving all the essential instructions to an individual regarding aftercare.

It’s important to follow the procedure protocol to see a decent improvement. It includes the following steps:

  • A medical professional discusses the treatment with a patient to ensure there are no limitations that can potentially spoil the effect. In particular, they should check whether a person is allergic to hyaluronic acid or other ingredients of the injectable, suffers from autoimmune or chronic diseases, has damaged joints in the target areas, etc.;
  • Once the consultation is over, the administration process may begin. Based on the size of the region, the amount of Durolane is calculated not to overfill it with the product. Then, the skin is disinfected to ensure the injection spot is clean and ready for the procedure. The gel is infused with the help of a long, ultra-thin needle, and the treatment usually doesn’t take too long (no longer than thirty minutes);
  • After the session, a doctor applies a special bandage to the treated area to ensure Durolane stays in place, as well as the patient won’t harm the sensitive spot. Sometimes, they also recommend applying an ice pack right after the procedure to reduce the chances of swelling, bruising, and other unfortunate adverse reactions.

Side Effects to Remember

One of the best things about Durolane is its beneficial ingredients list. As hyaluronic acid can be found naturally in the body, it rarely causes severe adverse reactions, and most people get used to the gel between their joints quite easily. Still, it’s better to consider the chances of adverse reactions, as some individuals with sensitive skin can feel a little uncomfortable once the procedure is finished.

What are the symptoms people are the most likely to experience?

  • Local skin irritation, including bruising, swelling, and redness;
  • Stiffness around the joints;
  • Increased sensitivity in joints and their swelling (may last for about a few weeks).

Normally, patients can return to their daily rhythm after a few days post-Durolane injection. However, if they notice any warning signs, a medical professional must be informed immediately. It includes painful sensations in the treated joints, extreme swelling, allergic reactions, and any signs of infections.

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The Conclusion

Durolane hyaluronic acid injection is a perfect product for knee osteoarthritis patients; the gel is meant to be administered in the spots of worn-off cartilage to create a type of cushion that absorbs painful sensations and makes it easier to move around. Most patients need some time for Durolane to settle properly in the injection spot, and it’s highly recommended to eliminate strenuous activities for a few weeks for a patient to recover fully. It includes running, training sessions in the gym, heavy lifting, and other similar sessions. The average longevity of the effect is fifteen months, and it’s possible to schedule maintenance treatments not to let the product wear off. To ensure this brand can meet a patient’s requests, it’s vital to discuss this option with a medical professional. Sometimes, it may be more useful to combine Durolane with other medicines to reach a better effect. That’s all the essentials you should remember. Thank you for visiting the blog; visit soon for another exciting article!